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Thermal Cameras

  1. My dept is looking into replacing our aging collection of ISG thermal imaging cameras. We have had these around 8-9 years and maintenance has become an issue. What do you use? What do you like or dislike? We will have at least one on each piece of fire apparatus and possibly adding one on each Ambulance.
  2. We use MSA TIC's. The newer ones are much more compact than the older ones which is nice. Much easier to use too. The first couple my department got were actually helmet mounted, and they took a lot of special training to use. The new ones are easy to operate and don't take much training. They are useful but I think some people rely on them too much. And they are yet another thing dangling from you when you fight a fire.
  3. We use a Bullard, I think. It is on Engine 192. I'm an advocate for hitting Wally World for more donations to put them on more apparatus.....