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    A Zebra in a circus became sick. So the owner decided it to leave it in a farm until it recovered. After a few days the zebra was well enough to walk around, and so he decided to take a walk around the farm.

    While going around he met a chicken, and he said, "I am a Zebra, I work in a circus. Who are you?"

    The chicken replied, "I am a chicken, I scratch the ground and lay eggs."

    He then met a cow, and after similar introduction, the cow said, "I am a cow, I say moo, and I give milk. When I can't
    give milk, they eat me."

    After he had met all the animals, he approached the last - a bull. "I am a Zebra, I work in the circus. Who are you, and
    what do you do?"
    The bull said, "Take off those pajamas and I'll show you who I am and what I do."