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Ok, so "supposedly" it won't snag on clothing/anything, as long as you're wearing only your Speedo?

(Bad visual, sorry) LOL.

So please help me out here. What exactly does this GEEplate design offer over that of the $9 +0 Pearce mag extension, the latter of which actually adds another finger's worth of grip onto the magazines of my subcompact G33, while not being too obtrusive or reducing it's concealability?

And as far as "heming and hawing" about price, some of us have dozens of magazines for each firearm we own, and an opportunity to spend 1/2 the money or less on a product that's just as good isn't stupid, it makes perfect sense.

Paying more $$ to be a hipster never made much sense to me...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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