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The Very Definition Of Insanity

  1. What we are witnessing today in our government, is the battle of corruption vs. benevolence. At the height of hypocrisy, the Democrap's accuse the sitting President of a revolving set of so-called impeachable crimes.

    At the core, the President is accused of quid pro quo in investigating Biden. It's claimed that aid to Ukraine was delayed until Ukraine agreed to investigate Biden's involvement in having a Ukrainian Federal Prosecutor investigating Biden's son Hunter, fired.

    After endless hours of testimony, not a single person has provided ANY PROOF that Trump's request was a quid pro quo. Not a one. We've heard endless presumptions, guesses, and second/third/fourth hand claims that there was a quid pro quo. No proof has yet to be provided.

    Biden publicly declared Ukraine would not receive a BILLION dollars in aid until the prosecutor was fired, and that he was getting on a plane in six hours, and that would be the deadline. Well, Ukraine capitulated and fired the prosecutor, and the aid was delivered. THAT CLEARLY IS A QUID PRO QUO!

    Why was there no investigation into Biden's activity at the time? Where were all these concerned politicians then? Neither the Republicans nor the Democrap's did a damned thing about that. But suddenly, some murky claims of a Trump quid pro quo result in an impeachment hearing!

    The reality is that this is just an extension of the coup d'tat the Democrap's have been waging since BEFORE Trump was elected. The Democrap's are frightened about a second Trump term, as they are clearly convinced the Democrap candidates have no chance at beating Trump in 2020. They need to do as much damage to Trump as possible before the election.

    As if this were not enough proof of the coup, the SECRET HEARINGS, the elusive NON-WHISTLEBLOWER, and the inability for Republicans to call their own witnesses for questioning, ought to convince most people of the blatant charade of this entire process. And add to that, Nancy Pelosi's public statement that the American people cannot be trusted to elect a President!

    Every day, we read of ever-more insane activities and crimes across the country. Public officials promoting wild and wacky fringe elements, sanctuary cities, attacks on police and other law enforcement officials, school districts indoctrinating students rather than educating them, and the increasing erosion of Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and protections.

    Normalcy no longer exists. Welcome to the insane asylum, run by the inmates.
  2. Agreed.

    This is an epic case of TDS at pandemic levels.
  3. So the MSM conclusion to this investigation is, Trump tied finances to the investigation and withheld the funds until the Ukraine agreed to investigate Biden...who did nothing wrong.
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  5. We can look at what is going on as just insanity. Or, look hard at what the democrats are trying to ultimately accomplish. It's not really about President Trump, he is just in the way. It's a full blown effort to destroy this country and rebuild it as a communist state.
  6. Hopefully Trump's second term will turn the table on the Democrats. They will be scurrying like cockroaches. [​IMG]

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  7. Insanity is not voting GOP.
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  9. Let me address the Ukraine.
    1. the political corruption has always been rampant.
    2. the division of the Soviet Union developed into friction between Russia and the Ukraine
    a. price of gas supplied to Ukraine, passage rights;
    b. access to the Black Sea and the naval base.
    3. we provided the push to overthrow the last Soviet era dictator and installed our own person.
    4. we sent troops to the Ukraine (advisors/trainers).
    5. we started sending ships in the Black Sea into areas that were previously not traversed.
    6. sure we gave military aid to the Ukraine. It wasn't to defend against any other neighbor than Russia.
    7. we refused to give real time data from satellites, but gave delayed intelligence against the Russians.
    8. the US always played cat and mouse in giving military aid to the Ukraine.
    9. everyone, Democrat and Republican tried to cash in - like even Podesta, Biden, and Pelosi.
    10. every darn thing that gets done in this world is through negotiation.
  10. I just want to know how close you have to be to hear and understand the person on the other end of a call when you are not the one holding the phone.
  11. FIFY
  12. Can you imagine what people in other countries must think of the US? More important, can you imagine what foreign governments must think of the US? You just know this impeachment crap is making headlines around the world. Foreigners must be laughing their asses off.

    And we're trying to spread our way of life? What hypocrisy!

    When I stop to think about it, this government of ours makes me sick. We are so screwed... Fortunately, I'm too old to care!
  13. I figure Putin must have a permanent stitch in his side from laughing so hard at this point.
  14. Everyday I read the news and hate the Democrats more and more. The same for the lying leftist news media. Our Government has gone to hell and the Democrats are leading the way.
  15. And he had obama dancing like his puppet and being told he could expect more when the Kenyan was more flexible after the election.
  16. Trump disrupted the normal flow of money to the grifters..................Our wanna be aristocracy is having a hissy fit.
  17. The Democrap's are the pied pipers, leading the useful idiots to their doom (along with the rest of us!).
  18. From watching the hearings, this is what I came away with:
    1. The core issue/claim is that POTUS's intent was to withhold aid, approved by congress, until the new administration in Ukraine publicly announced they would/were investigating "Biden's son" (released summary of Trump's phone call). In return, Ukraine's would also get a White House visit in addition to the approved aid. This would give Trump a tangible video clip that the Biden's were being investigated and imply that they did something wrong. The value of this would provide the most benefit to the Trump campaign or opponents of Biden. Unless an investigation quickly (3-4 months) yielded reliable evidence against the Bidens, there would be no benefit to the country. Using national resources/policies for personal gain is inappropriate and possibly criminal.
    2. I do not know what your definition of proof is but mine is simply that presented evidence is enough to cause a reasonable person to accept a claim. That being said, multiple employees hired by POTUS, as well as the summary provided, confirmed that the situation described above occurred. I am not sure what you require for something to be accepted as proof. Recordings of the phone calls, testimony by Trump and other officials ignoring congressional subpoenas would clear up whether or not Democratic claims are true or not.
    3. The actions Joe Biden undertook to remove the corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor was consistent with the U.S. policy and international community. More importantly, it did not provide any personal gain to Joe Biden.
    4. There is no need hear from the whistle blower. The whistle blower's credibility should not be questioned because the evidence provided was incredibly accurate as shown in the public testimony and phone call summary.
    If you want to know how the whistle blower got the information then that is a different question to be asked. I suppose it could be an espionage investigation.
    Hunter Biden would also not be able provide any relevant information on Trump's intent and actions. Again, if you support investigations then that is another that could be undertaken but would not be related to the issue at hand. Just heard on CNN that someone is starting this investigation.
    5. I totally concur that this process is a blatant charade. It does not seem that either party is interested in an honest assessment. Even though Nunes was providing information to the White House during an investigation he was on against the White House, Schiff should not have been disclosing information gathered during closed-door testimony. The comments and jabs both sides were making during the public hearing was disgusting.
    6. In case you have not realized it, we are not a democracy but rather a republic. We only elect others to pursue our desires.
    7. I also agree with your claim of "increasing erosion of Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and protections." Just look at the lack of due process of legal immigrants, detainment of U.S. citizens, and attacks on the press. Here in Texas, the public schools still recite the pledges, and have prayers at functions. To some degree these are acts of indoctrination.
    8. Normalcy is what most are doing. It has no relationship to good or bad, right or wrong, moral or immoral.

    I hope some of your questions were answered.
  19. Marxist lies.
  20. Good post!


  21. So much wrong with your 'Takeaways" above;

    How can anyone see this as getting to the truth? Its a controlled partisan witch hunt...which most common sense folks can see. We have multiple witnesses saying , "Quid pro quo"...but then in Testimony they say that Trump specifically told them, "No quid pro quo"

    No there is no doubt in my mind the inference was to have the Ukraine leader look into this...just as there ARE ALWAYS strings attached to every dollar of aide from the US..or any country really. I see this as a case where Trump was asking for facts on any corruption in the US....in other words...rooting out the swamp creatures.

    You don't think its Quid pro quo Bidens son gets a cushy million dollar position on a Ukraine gas company? What about after Joes trip to China Hunter magically get billions thrown at him by the Chinese? Coincidence? You think Hunter is some genius Hedge fund guy? Ugh No.

    Its quid pro quo bro....but when Trumps asks for facts/clarification....the Democrats come unglued. Well of course...because there will be much more dirty laundry to come out unless they go on the offensive.

    Biden Stopped their AG from investigating his son...and used the US Gov and its resources to do it. And he did it on national TV....admitting to it.

    Whistleblower; so anyone can say anything....and be shielded by the whistleblower rules. Can you not see the potential for horrible partisanship here?
    This is the reason why our courts insist that you can confront your accuser....so that someone cannot lie without repercussion. The whistle blower statue takes this away.
    I cannot stand the way Trump behaves...and hate some of the stupid comments he makes but it is becoming abundantly clear that there is no politician that is going to uncover the corruption that he is nibbling at....and the whole system is fighting him tooth and nail along the way.

    Sure the FBI lost all of the relevant emails on the Russia gate, Mueller investigation and partisan corruption of their top brass......look at what Trump is fighting...its insane how much corruption there is.
  22. I rarely post in the political form as any criticism of Trump somehow means you’re a commie loving liberal that hates America.

    That being said, having watched a lot of the testimony it seems pretty clear that Trump wanted a Ukraine Biden investigation (or even just the announcement of one) in exchange for the military aid.

    Secondly, why would that surprise any of us? Trump has been a con man and grifter his entire adult life. He would never make a deal that did not personally benefit him somehow, especially if he has the leverage. It’s just his nature.

    Why do we think he would stop simply because he was elected president?

    It probably does not matter and could very well back fire on the Democrats. Trump certainly won’t be convicted by the senate if impeached. Trump will beat the democrats over the head with this all the way to the election.

    It will be an interesting election season. Trump will basically need a repeat of the 2016 election. I doubt he will turn any blue states red. He won’t be able let any red states turn blue. If he does he loses.

    the best thing for him would be a Warren or Sanders opponent. Their far left lunacy would practically guarantee his re-election.

    Biden is his biggest threat. He is just moderate enough to turn some red states blue.

    win or lose Trump will lose the popular vote by an even larger margin than he did last time
  23. Another good post!
  25. So -- we have it on record that, for some people, "I heard it from someone who overheard someone in a phone conversation with someone else" is compelling evidence... :whistling:

    Note to self: Please do not get involved in any courtroom proceedings that require a judgment by my "peers"... o_O

  26. I'd agree with you here except that nothing I have read offers any shred of fact based evidence to support that POTUS ever communicated that intent to folks. This is why it becomes a he said she said I thought that's what he wanted game. Those games play well in Hollywood, but not in real life, especially not in a Presidential impeachment. Show some facts and I will lock the door to his cell personally.

    I know I haven't read every transcript available, but I have not seen any fact based evidence Call transcripts, missing transcripts, recordings... that show POTUS communicate any request that aid be withheld until Biden is investigated.

    Seriously, the fact that his son (and the sons of other prominent politicians) "working" as board member for Burisma was not investigated and risked being tossed in jail was not a personal benefit to Biden. You made good points with 1 and 2, but this one is faulty to say the least. Basically, what you are saying is that when a democrat demands that corruption be investigated before aid is rendered is cool, even if said investigation has a HUGE personal interest and conflict, but when a different person does its personal crap. Sorry, but its either within US foreign policy goals to seek out corruption before we give them $$ or its not. Cant have it both ways.

    There is no whistle blower. Who ever filed the forms is by legal definition not a whistle blower. Unless things have changed, they were not present during the call and are spouting info they were given. AFAIK that not whistle blowing, but being used as cover. There is also no protection for whistleblowers from providing evidence and testimony. Lhe law prevent anyone from retaliation, (unless you're an ATF guy who burns a DNC cabinet member that is). Constitution also sates that one has a right to face their accuser in court. Not that many on either side of the political aisle give much of a hoot about that anymore.

    Both sides of the aisle are political hacks. Its the type of person that the media and intellectually challenged electorate reward with jobs.
    On paper you're correct. Hasn't been like that foe generations. Sorry to bring a dose of reality here.

    No idea what part of TX you are in, but neither the pledge and any religious thing is mandatory. Kids are allowed to sit out and not participate in all of those. Ive lived through indoctrination and can tell you if you can sit out you aint being indoctrinated into squat. What is indoctrination is the incessant leftist crap they are fed and cant remove themselves from. Climate change essays, illegals not being referred to as illegals but migrants and god help you if you dont,...and the like. Thats indoctrination.

    Intersting point. Normalcy must have a relationship to good, right, moral or we are in deep doo doo. I agree that most folks are just trying to get through their day, but if they are going about that task with no ties to good, right, moral... WTF??
  27. Biden= juiced in DemoCRAP. Can do no wrong.
    Trump= swamp draining elected president.
    DemoCRAPS= out to unseat Trump @ day one.
    Do the math.
    They will not stop.
    MAGA 2020.
  28. Taz,
    I enjoyed reading your thoughtful replies.
    Your replies to points to 3, 5, and 6 are spot on but because they are now so accepted and commonplace, it is the new normal and in the WTF category.

    With respect to 4, whistle blowers can face consequences. The references below apply to government fraud but I would expect similar concepts to apply to the impeachment's whistle blower.

    https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?req=(title:31 section:3729 edition:prelim)


    As shown throughout the hearing and Trump's administration, there is a price to pay for not vetting or hiring qualified personnel. I suspect the information came from those within the WH. Trump has been plagued by leaks from day 1.

    I cannot imagine what type of situation caused you to undergo your indoctrination but am glad you overcame it. I say this based on your ability to reason. Those that I consider to have been indoctrinated, by politics or religion, tend to be dogmatic and immigrated to the U.S. as adults. I have to wonder why they bothered coming in the first place.

    Thanks and have a good weekend!
  29. I'm flabbergasted that seemingly rational adults fail to grasp the concept that a group of ideologues got together to commit to the same lie. What kind of ridiculously immature, childish worldview does one have to have where they say "a bunch of people claimed the same thing, therefore it must be true."

    And not just people, but leftists, cultists devoted to an ideology that glorifies lying and criminal activity for the sake of the agenda. Yeah, really a stretch that they would lie.
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