The ugly and handsome men ( omg I luv it )

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    Mar 23, 2004
    An extremely ugly man was sitting in a bar having a drink with his friend, who is his polar opposite. In fact, he may be the most handsome man in town.

    The two of them are discussing a beautiful blonde girl sitting at the bar.

    The handsome man said, "Boy, I sure would like to get some of that."

    The ugly man said, "Go ahead, go for it."

    The handsome man said, "There's no way, she won't go with anybody, I've tried many times."

    The ugly man said, "I think I could go out with her if I wanted to."

    The handsome man laughed and said, "If she won't go out with me, she sure as hell won't go out with you."

    Ugly said, "I'll bet you fifty bucks she'll go with me."

    Handsome says, "You're on!"

    Ugly says, "OK, just leave the money with the bartender and I'll pick it up later."

    He walks up to the girl, starts talking and then turned around and walked out of the bar, with the girl right behind him.

    The handsome man couldn't believe it. He went up to the bar and asked the bartender, "What happened? What did he say to her?"

    The bartender told him, "Well, he didn't say much. He just said it's a nice night for a walk. And then he licked his eyebrows and left."