The two Chinese business men

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    Once upon a time there were two Chinese businessmen, No Cum and How Cum. For reasons yet unknown, How Cum was unmarried. But No Cum was married to a lovely little Chinese lady by the name of No Cum Too. One night, while No Cum was away on business, No Cum Too invited How Cum to spend the evening with her. That night How Cum had great pleasure as No Cum Too came and How Cum came too. After a few months had past, No Cum found that he was to became a father and he did not know How Cum. So, when the number one son was born, he named him How Cum You Cum. And to this day, both No Cum Too and How Cum know how number one son How Cum You Cum came, but No Cum has never found out how number one son How Cum You Cum came.


    One upon a time there were two Chinamen..
    Now look how many there are..
    --Benny Hill--