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The Texan

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by -, Oct 24, 2003.

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    Since I am a Texan, and couldnt be prouder of my state or its people, I can tell this joke, some people may find this slightly indescent, however, my Dad seems to think its hilarious...

    A Texas man once had to go up to Alaska to show the Alaskans the proper way to run an oil line. The Alaskan men didnt take to his loud ways and his superior manner. So they devised a little scheme against him. They told him to be considered a man in those parts, he had to drink a quart of whiskey, shoot a grizzly, and have sex with an Eskimo woman.
    So right away, he scoops up a bottle of Jack Daniels and knocks it back neat, right away thier impressed.
    Then, he bundles up and marches off into a blizzard to do his other deeds of manhood.
    Hours went by, all the Alaskans were getting worried that maybe he had gotten lost in the blizzard, when suddenly, he came staggering in the door. An ear hung by a piece of skin, his clothes were in tatters, there was blood everywhere, scratches all over his face. He stumbled over to the bar, and knocked back another shot of whiskey. Then, The Texan pulled himself up straight, faced the room, and said:

    "Allright then, thats done. Now wheres this Eskimo woman I'm supposed to shoot?"

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    * the sound of laughter fills the room *

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    ROTFLMAO;f ;f ;f ;f