The story of fecundo el pobre and la infanta

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    A little New Years cheer for my GT amigos y amigas. (BTW, I wrote it.)


    Here beginneth the story of Fecundo and Baby Jesus.

    In the poor, poor valle pequeño town of Española, New Mexico, thirty miles north of the famous and rico Santa Fe, lived an old man named Fecundo Trujillo.

    Fecundo lived in the pobre part of a pobre town. He lived in a small 150-year-old, falling-down adobe house that had been built by his great-grandfather and had been occupied by Trujillo’s ever since. Fecundo was 86 years old, as far as he knew.

    A big occasion was coming: The 80th birthday of Fecundo’s wife of 60 years, Adelina. Fecundo wanted to give his loving wife a fabulous gift for her birthday, but, ayeee, no dinero.

    He wracked his brain for many dias, and finally came to a solution.

    He sat down at this weather-beaten desk in his weather-beaten casa, and took out his Big Chief tablet and his Number Two Pencil. He began to write:

    “Dear Baby Jesus in Heaven, I wish to give my loving wife a fabulous gift for her cumpleaños, but I have no money at the present. Would you be kind enough to send Your Humble Servant Fecundo Trujillo sixty dollars? I love you dearly, Fecundo T.”

    He placed the carta in an envelope, placed his last stamp on it, walked it tres blocks to the post-office, and mailed it.

    Well, the post office employees (only five at that small post office) all knew old Fecundo. When they saw a letter hand-addressed only to “Dear Baby Jesus in Heaven,” bearing Fecundo’s return address, they opened it up and read the letter. They laughed and laughed. “Poor old crazy Fecundo!”

    But, after a while, they became sad and concerned. Poor Fecundo needed some money desperately for the birthday of his beloved esposa. So, they decided to kick in $10 apiece and send it to him, in care of Dear Baby Jesus in Heaven. That made them all feel mas bueno, because most Northern New Mexican Hispanics have a very soft spot in their hearts for los hermanos viejos and La Infanta.

    Fecundo checked his falling-down mailbox every day. Finally, a few days later, here came a letter from Baby Jesus! He was ecstatic!

    He went into his casa with trembling manos, and opened the envelope. There was $50, cash! His fervent deseo had been miraculously granted.

    He looked at it for a second, took a weary breath, and once again took out his Big Chief tablet and his Number Two Pencil. He wrote:

    “Dear Baby Jesus in Heaven, than you so much for the money for mi corazone’s present. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.

    But, next time you send me any money, don’t send it through the post office, BECAUSE THOSE DIRTY, THEIVING CABRONES WILL STEAL TEN DOLLARS OF IT!”

    Thus endeth la anécdota of Fecundo y Baby Jesus.
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