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The Statist's are going for pocket knives

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It would seem that the Statist's are picking our pockets now more then they have before. Now they are trying to eliminate most of our knives. Or merely giving themselves something else to charge us with.

This ought to make your blood pressure go up!!

Please read this from World Net Daily

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Jeeeeeeeeesus!!! In the next four years, will the tool-box in my truck contain WMD? :steamed:

Man shot by state patrol on the side of I-5 for changing his flat tire with what looked to be a 4 sided tire-iron. Tire-irons are weapons that can be used as a thrown murder death kill object similar to those carried by the ninja's haunting our neighborhoods.
First thing, your in the want ads.....

Second, if you think they would EVER pass that stupid ban your just as dumb as the guys writing that article.

There is not going to be any gun bans or any knife bans, it's people like the OP that creates the ammo rush and the gun scares. Thanks for doubling the price on my SKS :upeyes:
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