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The sign read: “Help me, she’s not my mom! Help!”

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    Authorities stop car after child's plea for help. It was a joke

    Alarmed California Highway Patrol officers stopped a car on State Route 99 in Sacramento over the weekend after a child held up a sign from the back seat pleading for help.

    Authorities received a call shortly after 5 p.m. Saturday after passing motorists saw a girl holding a piece of notebook paper that read: “Help me, she’s not my mom! Help!”

    With the help of a K-9 unit, two CHP motorcycle officers from the Valley Division spotted the vehicle in Stockton, where they conducted a “high-risk enforcement stop.”

    After speaking with the driver, the officers “determined that the juvenile had made it all up” as “a fun thing to do,” according to the CHP’s South Sacramento Division.

    The child’s mother “was unaware of what her daughter was doing,” authorities said. Both were subsequently allowed to leave the scene.

    On Facebook, authorities reminded parents to be attuned to what their children are doing. Six CHP units were assigned to the call instead of responding to legitimate calls or patrolling their beats because of this “hoax,” law enforcement officials said.
    Waiting now for copycats...

    The kid should be given a few thousand hours of community service working with an exploited children division.
  2. Probably anlittle young for the community service thing.
    Screw the other calls agenda, they were doing exactly I'm just happy the "high risk" stop thing didn't end tragically.
  3. Thousands of hours might be a little steep. A fulltime job is 2,080 hours a year.
  4. Well this child needs to learn actions have consequences
    Otherwise this will happen again
    God Bless,John

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  5. So she can work on it till she's 18. Ought to get a decent job reference or two, so there's that.
  6. I'd prefer an ass-whipping right there on the side of the road, in full view of the police.

    And then, more ass-whippings when Dad gets home from work....added to being grounded for a month or three.

    Were that my child, I suppose I'd have been arrested for assault, after the police cleared everything up. Not on the officers, but I'd have surely beaten my kid for a bit.
  7. Bro! I looked at Mrs. Gombey as I read this and had the same response.

    I know corporal punishment isn’t “en vogue” but my my kiddos would have caught a good cut tail after a stunt like that.
  8. I don't give a rat's rear end about how others - including child protection agencies - feel about corporal punishment for kids. After seeing the result of a generation that didn't spank their kids when necessary and attempted to "reason" with toddlers, I'm pretty sure that my way works better, lol.

    I had to pick my own switch growing up. I also had to go get my dad's belt, if he wasn't wearing it and I needed a butt whipping. My elementary school in Alabama (Lupton Jr. High for those around Walker County) paddled people....heaven forbid, right?

    I've taken my kids out of the restaurant or grocery store and back to our vehicle, when they misbehaved. And, as a result, we have four awesome children who are polite and well adjusted...go figure.

    Society has grown too soft. Folks act as if a whelp from a belt or switch is going to kill a kid. As we all know, pain is a great driving force for change. It works very well when applied judiciously and appropriately.
  9. So, did you come home to Bama?
  10. One state north - TN. Better duck hunting here.
  11. Welcome back anyway!!
  12. I'm in full agreement. My Jr High had (what seemed at the time) an olympic powerlifter sized Vice Principal (Mr S) who had a wood paddle with holes drilled in it for improved paddle speed. I seem to recall the one in use at my time was something like the Gen 6 (and was prominently displayed on the wall of his office), since Gens 1-5 were broken during discipline sessions. They were made in the wood shop and design improvements were made in the Industrial Arts (drafting) class. Art class did the artwork (painting) that was simply hilarious and alluded to the fact pain was coming.

    Mr S had a claim to fame that no one came back for seconds. EVER. Now that's a serious attitude adjustment!
  13. I would have put the kid into protective custody, take the mom's picture and outline the sentencing range for murder in this state...

    Just saying. An ounce of prevention...


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  14. How old is the kid?
  15. Lock up mom and put the child in the system until a judge finally gets to review the situation in a few weeks
  16. Good on the cops for conducting the stop.

    It could have been a real kidnapping situation.

    Hopefully the girl doing the prank now understands the gravity of her actions, and how her actions could harm real kidnapping victims, if everyone thinks that displaying such a sign is only a prank in the future.

    Maybe seeing her mom almost get arrested will "scare her straight."
  17. What I was thinking too.
  18. My GrannyP made me do that one time. That was enough...
    We had a designated belt that hung on a doorknob. It was always handy, too handy. And DO NOT try and hide it under your mattress. Momma don't like that...
  19. I put toilet paper in my pants once. Dad just swung the belt harder.
  20. See, this is how I know we're really brothers. :drunk:
  21. Another joke I’m not picking up?

    If not.....I’ll be back.
  22. This reminds me of a car stop I was involved in. I was still on FTO when we got a call of a yellow rental truck with a young girl who matched a missing child. Another Deputy got it stopped and had the driver at the back of the truck, when my FTO and I got there. Another Deputy went to the office and got a picture of the missing girl.

    The girl in the truck looked just like the missing girl’s picture. Things got pretty hairy, for a bit. It was very hard for the man to prove the child was his. This was before smart phones were common (only the iPhone existed and most people couldn’t afford them). The guy had some baby pictures, but they weren’t good enough to tell if the child, around four years old, was the same as the baby.

    The man was getting very distraught as it was looking like we were going to take the child. Interviewing the child was about worthless as she just didn’t know much. Even the names were similar enough we couldn’t tell if she was saying a different name or if she just didn’t have the vocal capability of articulating correctly.

    He was able to call his wife who emailed more recent pictures of him and the child, his daughter, to dispatch, after she was interviewed, on the phone. Those pictures were printed off and brought to the scene, as well as more pictures of the missing girl.

    Two of the pictures were close enough to the same angle we were able to verify the girl we had was not the missing girl. If I recall correctly, the only difference we could see was where the sides of the bottom of the nose met the face. All the other points we could compare were the same. She and her father were allowed to continue the trip.

    That case always stuck with me. How can you prove who your children are, short if a DNA test? It’s a very scary concept, for a parent.
  23. My FIL had a similar paddle. He said that was the one thing EVERY former student asked to see. He had them write their name on it before he started. When he retired the Principal demanded it stay with the school. Where it was tossed in trash.
  24. I told my younger brother to do that. It made Mom that much madder. Through his outcries, he yells, "RUSS TOLD ME TO DO IT!" I was halfway out the backdoor when I heard my name in THE tone of voice which meant it was my turn...But, Mom just told me not to do it again. I did have to wash the dishes a few more nights that week.
  25. My sis put a metal pie tin in her pants. Mom was not amused. I learned to give with the strike. As it was over jeans it really didn't hurt when you do that.
    Once I was being punished for something I didn't do. I had zero reaction. (Normally I faked it hurt) mom got upset. I sad something about her not believing me hurt much more then anything...
    Last time she used physical punishment. After she apologized.
  26. I'd have stuck to the kidnapping story as opposed to being released to go home with my parents. And knowing my parents, they'd have played along and let me sit at the station for quite some time.
  27. I was beaten with a belt many times as a kid (slow learner).....
    I turned out okay.......sorta.
  28. I would not have been able to sit down for a week had I done such a stunt! Ditto my own kids!!
  29. My parents' favorite was a cutting board with a handle. I was being myself one day and my mom broke it, over my butt. The damn thing split, right down the middle. I laughed. She realized she now had two paddles, an upstairs one and a downstairs one. And, she could get a much better grip on the smaller handle. That wasn't an improvement, from the receiving end.

    I got the leather belt, a few times, like when I hid the paddles.

    I was probably five, or so. I drew all over the seats of my father's car, with crayons. Unfortunately, I had been pretty occupied with my creative juices flowing and failed to realize my father was standing by the car, for most of my session. What complicated my position was I tried to convince my father it was my brother's doing. In truth, he had started it and I had taken the crayon from him, with force, but not to stop him from doing a bad thing. Oh, no. I took it because I could do bad better. Of all the ass whippings I got, with the leather belt, that one stood out.