The search for cheap rural land

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    I've been doing a lot of research and checking out online sites as I'm in the market to buy some rural property. I'm considering as low as 2 or 3 acres, but 10-15 or more is much preferred, in the 8k-30k range. So my options are limited, but dang some of those 50-150 acre tracts are beautiful!! I do not plan to build or start installing utilities immediately, use will probably be limited to vacation camping/hunting kind of trips for at least a few years.

    So from a high level I think I have a good understanding as far as things to ask, what to look out for, etc. Particularly I'm wondering if anyone has any experience buying out of state property. With all the nuances regarding the purchase of rural land, seems awfully hard to do, and multiple trips checking out the land and court documents can get awfully expensive quickly.

    Did you go through an online site, which one, did it transact smoothly? Any regrets, or hard earned lessons? If you own rural property please share any helpful details regarding the transaction and pics if you have them!

    For anyone else that is interested, the best crash course I've read so far on buying rural property is located here:
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    Thanks for the info, I have been wanting to do that same thing myself. I will have to wait at least a couple years for my finances to get in wife and I are expecting our first child in March:nailbiting: My goal is to eventually get my family as far away from the city a possible.To many crazy things are happening around here, and i can't imagine it in another 10 or 15yrs:couch:

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    I'm doing the same search right now, but only in Texas and Oklahoma. I'm not looking for vacation property, but for investment, looking toward 10-15 years out for resale in upcoming growth areas. Looking in the $30-50,000.00, price range myself.

    Bought my present home, 1.5 acres in a rural area, having to travel 275 miles to visit property here before buying this one. We spent a week in a local hotel and viewed properties with a realtor from the area before finding this place. Only had to travel back twice before moving here for closing and to meet with contractors. It can be a PIA, depending on how far away you're considering buying the property.

    Good luck with your search......:cool:
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