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The Ruger SR22 & Dead Air Mask HD...

  1. ...seems to make for a good combination :)

    My approved Form 4 & tax stamp arrived for my Dead Air Mask HD a couple of days ago at my dealer so I decided to try it out on my Ruger SR22; it functioned flawlessly running inexpensive CCI/Blazer 40 grainers, and I'm real impressed with the Mask, it is s-t-u-p-i-d quiet!


    For those interested in the Form 4 timeline:

    Submitted: 01/16/2020
    $200 debited by ATF: 01/23/2020
    Approved: 07/06/2020
    Received: 08/01/2020

    Total days: 198 = not too shabby ;)
  2. Did you file as an individual or trust?

    Currently waiting approval on a Mask, Occulus and Ruger Silent too.

    Also thinking of CGS Siren too. Just not sure about the aluminum baffles.
  3. I filed as an individual.

    Now that I think back I should have purchased others, but I was unsure about what model and manufacturer I was going to go with, and whenever I'm unsure about things - I do nothing.

    I'd like to eventually add 9mm, 45, and 5.56 suppressors, as funds allow :D
  4. I handled a Siren recently. It is so damn good looking and lightweight.
  5. C
    Care to share total cost of the mask, tax stamp and all other associated fees? I haven’t jumped into the suppressor world yet and am curious what the final cost for a similar product is “out the door”
  6. The wait for approval is brutal. It took just shy of a year for my first 2. Currently I’m waiting on 7 cans and hoping/wishing I get a batch approval.

    Just like buying firearms it never ends and I’m considering adding a few other cans.
  7. Sure! My dealer was able to get the Dead Air Armament Mask HD .22 suppressor for me for $380, the tax stamp is of course $200, the required two sets of fingerprints that I had done at the County Sheriff's office cost me $20, and the required two passport photos were taken and provided by a local CVS Pharmacy for around $13-$14. So figure about a little over $600 OTD for the above setup.

    My dealer provided the FBI finger print cards and did all the paperwork for me at no charge.

    As far as suppressors go, those designed for the .22lr cartridge are the least expensive (which is why I picked one for getting my suppressor feet wet), and as soon as you go centerfire pistol their cost nearly doubles and then some, and go up ever further for centerfire rifle.

    It's definately not an inexpensive endeavour to become engaged in, but if you save your money and have patience once the process starts I believe you'll be happy with your new interest :D
  8. In regards to the wait, I believe that you just have to put it out of your mind, else it'll be like staring at a clock waiting for the entire day to go by!

    I know it doesn't help that there seems to be no rhyme or reason for approval times...some wait over a year, others less than 6 months. So you might as well just sit back and get on with other projects to take your mind off of it. And you're waiting on 7 suppressors?! o_O I live on a fixed income and the thought of that is mentally putting me in the poor farm, LOL.
  9. Congrats Drew,
    As we have discussed in the past, I'm still waiting on my approval but fortunately I do get to shoot with mine at my dealers range.
    I will have to go back and see when I submitted mine, ALTHOUGH as you stated it seems there is no rhyme or reason to when they get approved.
  10. I'm about to put my paperwork in for suppressor #7 and stamp #8. The process is a pain, but shooting suppressed is extra fun. We just had a fully suppressed match last weekend and it was nice to not worry about ear protection all day.
    It's even better if you have your own range where you don't have other shooters with loud guns.
  11. My Occulus got approved a couple days ago. Exactly 6 months of waiting. Looking forward to shooting with it tomorrow.

    Decided to order a Dead Air Wolverine suppressor for my AK’s this morning. Still can’t decide if I want a lightweight 22 can.
  12. Excellent! You still have a pile left to go but hopefully this latest approval will begin a trend!

    I've only just really begun to investigate centerfile pistol and rifle cans. That alone will take about the same time as an approval, LOL, but this is just how I do things.

    Enjoy the silence!!
  13. I've decided that lightweight doesn't mean much to me on a rimfire. None of them are really "heavy" and lighter usually means harder to care for.
  14. I remember when I was researching how to buy and which suppressor’s would fit my needs. Spent a lot of time reading reviews and watching YT videos. It was fun but overwhelming at the same time because of so many choices.

    Now I’m officially addicted and want to suppress everything. SilencerShop has made purchasing cans really easy, too easy actually. It’s really bad for the bank account. :clown::cheers:
  15. The Occulus on my M&P 22 Compact doesn’t really feel that bad. I’d still like to try a lightweight can though.

    I agree on the maintenance side of things. Having stainless baffles and being able to toss them in my ultrasonic cleaner is very convenient. Scrubbing aluminum baffles by hand doesn’t sound like fun.
  16. You are absolutely correct, it's not fun at all doing a lot of work! Here are my baffles and spacers before:
    And then after the solution:
    Ultrasonic cleaners can be hard on aluminum, but this method works spectacularly and causes no harm to the suppressor parts. No scrubbing, just gotta set a timer for 15 minutes
    I hate to do this, but if you send me an email or private message here, I''ll tell you what was done. Just don't want a certain "somebody" :crazy: to get involved and cause another argument. :cheers:
  17. Suppressors with stainless steel baffles defintely are a much better choice(!), especially with rimfire ammunition, to avoid the headaches associated with cleaning aluminum baffles; it's a lightweight metal, but it's porous and too easily attracts lead particles and powder residue. With the stainless steel k-baffle design of the Dead Air Mask HD however, they're easy to clean, and with their raised sections running perpendicular to their outer circumferance they're also much more easily removed from the suppressor tube for cleaning. And thanks to the indexed/stackable baffle design there's no fiddling around with spacers or the need to worry about reversing a baffle;

  18. About how many rounds do you figure went through the suppressor in your image above?
  19. I need to get another one myself
  20. 2
  21. That's some pretty dirty ammo, LOL.
  22. I just bought a Silencerco Sparrow last month. It's at my dealer now and the tax stamp has been cashed. It was so easy doing it at a Silencer Shop kiosk at the dealer. All of the info is entered thru an app and fingerprints are digitally scanned. Only other thing to do was to submit a pic of my mug via my phone. I would have done it sooner had I known how easy it was since some prices have come down quite a bit.
  23. Ya, let us know what ammo so I can tell myself to never use it. LOL.

    SilencerShop definitely makes it simple to buy suppressor’s. Just ordered a YHM R9 this morning and did everything on my phone including signing the forms.
  24. I'd heard good things about the Sparrow and my dealer had one in stock, but I decided on the Mask. I hope you enjoy the Sparrow :)
  25. I hear and read nothing but GOOD concerning the "Sparrow". If/when I do get another, it will be that one. Being an LLC and buying under that designation, no prints or picture needed and anyone included in that designation can then sell the NFA stuff the business owns.
  26. Fingerprint cards and passport photos are required for each member of the trust at the time of the trust's creation or additions thereto, and this method of NFA "group" ownership has both advantages and disadvantages depending on how each and every member of said trust "gets along".
  27. Just tell us the method. Is it something new or proprietary? Who will get mad about your cleaning method?
  28. I didn't mention anything about using a "trust". Go back and read what I posted again. :honkie:
  29. Everything he posted is also true for an LLC so quit being so pedantic.
    I'm still waiting to hear about your cleaning method. I've got lots of dirty cans to use it on.
  30. I mainly shoot CCI Quiet 710 FPS with it mounted on my Ruger Mark III 22/45. I don't keep track of the round count, I'm not that "anal":
  31. You don't know squat. I didn't need to do any fingerprints or photos when I got my suppressor, which was around five years, or so ago. SGW LLC owns the suppressor and it says that on the stamp. There, you've been schooled!

    You seem like the kind of person that should do the suppressor cleaning the way you've always done it. :fist:
  32. Maybe you need to "school" yourself on current regulations. What happened five years ago means nothing today.
  33. After zooming in on your gun, I don't think you should be giving advice on suppressors at all. You bought a ridiculously outdated suppressor 5 years ago.
  34. I want to jump in and do this too, but am going to wait until after the November.
    I hope nothing happens in the election to change my mind, but I would rather wait to put money into it until after I know we elected the wrong person.
  35. Your comprehension skills are SORELY lacking. Show me where I was giving ADVICE on suppressors. I have a method to get them really, really clean, and that's all I've offered. So quit begging for that information, you act too nasty to get it. :panties:
  36. I wouldn't worry too much about it j. Historically speaking, NFA items haven't been considered for the chopping block because the background checks and paperwork are more thorough - and gov.org likes collecting the $200 transfer tax ;)
  37. I thought about that also but decided to go ahead and buy a suppressor anyways. In the past, NFA items seem to have been grandfathered in if the paperwork and tax money had been submitted before changes.
  38. Finally! A good and sensible post to read. I don't fear anything that may come about in November, my fears lie more with the lazy bass turds (that's fish poop if you live in Ohio) who will not get out of their recliners to vote on November 3rd. And then, there are those who don't support ANY of the groups that fight for our Second Amendment rights, with the lame excuse, "Oh, but I'm on a fixed income and need to get food out of dumpsters".
  39. As I mentioned above, the transfer(s) of NFA devices have not been effected by political climate or changes for the reasons stated.