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The Realities of Martial Law

  1. Selco has a lot to tell about that one year of hell. Bread became priceless within a week.
  2. First, they use or even manufacture a crisis where it's necessary to take your rights. You know, like 9-11, they did it quite well. Now if everyone stood up and said no, our government, even with our military fully supporting it, wouldn't be able to operate, but that's not what would happen. They just need to convince enough people that this is necessary, and people will take the path of least resistance, believing they are doing their patriotic duty, and those who resist are the problem. Like it says, they control the information and media, and they will make those who fight back out to be criminals.

    The reason the early Americans revolted was back then, the US was a very rugged place, where you couldn't rely on anything, everyone was a survivalist and free thinker. Just a few rules and regulations from the crown was too much. Much has changed since then, we are conditioned by the public schools to follow orders from authority. This youngest generation, Millenials and especially the new one's, gen Z or whatever, they want no personal responsibility or free thought, they want authority to take care of them and they do as they are told. If it bothers them they just go smoke some weed and it's all better.
  3. I totally agree. Unfortunately, we are in the times of mob mentally.
    Even better when we have double-speak such as the USA PATRIOT Act. So many were on board to openly give our rights away such as due process from the "terrorist watch list".
    Even with after seeing past clips of valid position statements, current legislators seem to have no issue rebuking logical and valid positions so they can "win" their current desires. The current impeachment process is a fine example. Unfortunately, this is not limited to the current impeachment.
  4. Right. Have you ever noticed how they are trying to label people terrorist so easily, even if they haven't committed terroristic acts. If Hillary would have won, the TEA party, Proud Boys, and pretty much any other conservative movement would be listed as a terrorist organization. Even though they are just protesting peacefully (until attacked). Meanwhile, Antifa and several other groups are being given a pass. The liberals now are saying that anyone who doesn't support anything and everything about the LGBT+, or is a "climate change denier" as a terrorists. Okay, off my soapbox but my point is they want to declare groups and even individuals terrorists as a way to bypass their rights.

    If the CIA/DHS/military is actually handling it, we are in trouble. The only thing we can hope for is our dumbass politicians who are incompetent in everything outside winning popularity contests run it, because they will screw up big time and give an opening.
  5. The feds could not handle a full country under martial law. A city or two maybe. Not the entire country.
  6. They won't need to,the UN will be glad ta help.'08.
  7. Yes, it is always important to demonize and dehumanize the side you are against. I intentionally did not label any groups because generally, in today's environment, any "side" you disagree with is "wrong or misinformed" or any other negative adjective to describe their intellectual attributes.
    All the organizations you listed above are problematic to society, in my opinion.
  8. You do understand the definition of Martial Law, right?

    This means the US Military will take control of local governments, all weapons will be seized, and anyone who objects will be shot.

    Yes, they can certainly take control of the entire country.

    There will be a large portion of the country who will go along without creating any problems.

    There will be a large portion of the country who will JOIN the military to be in control.

    There will be a small number of people who fight, who will be eliminated early.

    There will be a small number of people who think that they can fight a gorilla war, who may or may not have success, but since they will not have any supply lines - they will simply starve into inconsequential nothingness.
  9. Take a good hard look at how they managed New Orleans after Katrina. There is the model.

    1. Pick a zone/cities. Shut off all electrical power and utilities. Block all major roads to prevent the entry of food and goods.
    2. Search all exiting vehicles for weapons, ammunition, and maybe cash and valuables.
    3. Arrest all the people on "the lists" as they pass through the checkpoints.
    4. Go door to door searching houses and dealing with people that won't leave (in a real martial law situation these people will disappear).
    5. Restore power and utilities and reopen city.

    Several dozen cities could be handled simultaneously like this. All the sheep will leave obediently, so you have a free field of fire on those who stay.

  10. Just like we did in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. Got it.
  11. The governmental misbehaviours in Katrina became the catalyst for the formation of groups like Oathkeepers, an organization of military, ex-military, LEOs and other government officials who took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and to encourage all those who've taken the oath to stay true to it. Especially known for "The 10 Orders We Will Not Obey", membership has grown dramatically over the past several years and the organization is often sending it's volunteers around the country as needed.
    The zealousness of military and LEO in supporting martial law, gun confiscation will likely NOT be a strong as many think
  12. All correct.

    And a similar analysis of the probable defections from the Mil ranks, along with some amount of LE (more so with rural sheriffs, less so w/ urban cops), is given here:

    View: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aJh7Ye1Qvc8
  13. Our Constitution is very important and must be preserved and protected at all costs.
  14. With the coming impeachment of Trump we are entering a post-Constitutional era where it doesn’t matter much.

    I’ve already heard discussion of how the next Democratic President needs to be immediately impeached. While I agree with the sentiment, it doesn’t do much to support the Constitution.

    Unfortunately, due to the insanity and lawlessness of the left, I’m starting to think the Constitution isn’t going to last much longer. If half the country deliberately ignores it, it’s just a piece of paper.

    Something’s gotta give.
  15. As far as the military and law enforcement being used to ignore the Constitution and suppress the American public on an indefinite and nationwide scale... not going to work out for the people who order it.

    The military and LE will be just as split as the rest of the country. Once the logistics for the military collapsed, it ceases to be effective. To say nothing of being put in the position of being on opposite sides from other military and LE personnel.

    Imagining the U.S. military and LE as Stormtroopers who will enforce and order or commit any atrocity just because their leadership told them to is a leftist fantasy.
  16. The U.N. couldn't even run a bake sale. HH
  17. They could/would put boots otg here.'08.
  18. I would think so too, except police imported into NOLA from certain Hard Core Democrat areas acted like Sherman's rear guard when they were here. Warrant-less searches of homes, vehicles and u-hauls were conducted where firearms (always) and sometimes jewelry were seized without receipts being given. Those that attempted to reclaim their property were asked for the receipts that were never given.

    Summary: there will always be enough bad apples available to perpetrate evil. Oathkeepers will be sidelined immediately and more compliant persons recruited.
  19. Probably, with similar casualties on both sides.

    All the folks looking towards a civil war with visions of glory remind me of the soldiers that wrote enthusiastic letters home as they marched to Sharpsburg. We are all best to read Selco's stuff to acquire a realistic view of what may happen. The Vietnamese were facing ordinary Americans. The persons opposing freedom will more closely resemble those that oppressed Selco.

    Any civil conflict we suffer will be won by the side that quickly gains the initiative, so the conflict will open fast and hard. It will be no holds barred, no quarter, no prisoners taken. As Selco states, they won't kick in your door, they will just blow up your house.

    We are all better off if we win this conflict politically.
  20. Unless they appointed a Chinese commander and let him use Chinese forces, a'la the US in Korea.
  21. In the fourth largest country by land mass with 350 million people. Won't do much.
  22. You cannot compare us to Bosnia/FYR. I was there.
    Their economy was destroyed. Lots of ticked off folks were motivated to settle old scores.
    As for the military taking the side of the Commies/Dems in some anti-Constitutional gun grab, I have doubts as to how well it will work. If I were still active duty, I would personally not follow the order and I could easily classify it as an ILLEGAL ORDER. It is against the Constitution and I remember my Oath of Office. I will adhere to that oath until I die in a firefight. So will many of us. But it won't happen in the next couple of years unless something like political assassination of Trump happens. That could touch off some problems. Standing by.
    Don't forget how effective asymmetrical warfare works. The guys in sandals with the AK spent one dollar to our million and we have still not defeated them.
  23. It’s funny you mention how the guys in sandals and bath robes are stil fighting given their amount of resources vs ours. My friend and I were discussing this same situation Monday and almost to the same conclusions.

    I fear what is coming in the next couple years as I don’t foresee a good outcome no matter what side wins. Don’t get me wrong, I agree with Thomas Jefferson when he stated “the tree of liberty needs to be refreshed from time to time with the blood of tyrants and patriots alike” (forgive me if I didn’t quote verbatim-I’m still half asleep) but the fact of the matter is-where will it start and who will have to resolve to finish it. Virginia is going to be the first step in this....this shows what the left thinks and feels, to use any means possible to force their agenda even if it is illegal via the US Constitution and are willing to show the exact reason the Founding Fathers put the 2nd Ammendment in the Bill of Rights. All eyes on Virginia and what happens in the very near future.
  24. It would not happen in a vacuum...
    I imagine that some countries would take the opportunity to snatch some countries we protect, since our military would be divided and busy at home.
    Likewise, some countries that find us fighting ourselves to suit their interests, will supply stingers and atgm’s and Mines.
  25. Yep, think about it: skinny, underfed dudes with IQs of 95 or less, one step removed from the Stone Age, wearing flip-flops and baggy Hadji jammies, have been giving the U.S military fits for over a decade. And they're essentially the same Talibani dudes who forced the Soviets out. It's called Fourth Generation Warfare and involves huge amounts of indirect guerrilla tactics.

    That depends on how many 'fronts' there are for those in power to deal with, after it starts.

    If, say, major parts of the U.S. grid are taken out in Blue States with large urban populations, there will quickly be more for the government to have to deal with just to maintain order and stability in those areas than chasing around the 'rebels' who jump-started such chaos.

    But the folks in the Intel community & upper Mil branches already know this ...
  26. First off, comparing the Soviet incursion with what we are doing in Afghanistan is comparing apples to oranges. We are fighting a war with severe rules of engagement. The Soviets practiced total war and were very close to winning when we stepped in and began to supply the Mujahedeen with man portable anti-aircraft missiles and other weapons. The Soviets were destroying whole villages and sending anyone child under the age of 10 to the Soviet Union to be "reeducated". Everyone else was killed. Those that were reeducated were supposed to come back at some point and set up a pro-Soviet government and society. The Soviets were even using land mines shaped like toys, designed to maim children, not kill. We put soldiers in prison for killing the enemy.

    Secondly, gun confiscation is not going to be an order that comes out of the blue. There will no doubt be some false flag event that will be used as a justification for the military being sent in. A police station shot up, a school attacked, any number of scenarios could be used to make it seem as if the military will have to go into an area and disarm the rebellious population. For the locals own safety, of course.

    I keep seeing guys here and on other forums I belong to say how they want, and look forward to a civil war. You are fools. It would be an absolute disaster. For us, for them, and for the country as a whole. The military would come down on us like the proverbial ton of bricks, and make no mistake about it, they will fire on us because they will not only be ordered to do so, but will be led to believe they will need to do so. It will only take one Walter Mitty type, with fantasies of Red Dawn and Rambo, killing a couple soldiers to bring down the overwhelmingly profane firepower of a rifle squad backed by a Bradley FV on himself and anyone near him.
  27. And the Soviets still lost any way you slice it. Then they left. Thanks for making my point.

    Not going to happen that way. The more Draconian gun-ban/'Beto'-confiscation laws will face immediate legal challenges (with injunctions on enforcement) as well as continuous appeals lasting for at least decade. And two things are different now than when we had the Clinton-era AWB: new bans will now be litigated in a post-Heller legal environment where 2A claims have serious legal traction and, thanks to Trump's appointments, there are now more not-hostile-to-2A judges sitting on federal benches than at anytime in the past.

    You need some better on-line playmates. Stop hanging out with idiots. No one should 'want' a civil war.

    That's one view, ... but it's not the only view.

    An important value in a Free Society is the ability to exchange and discuss controversial or even radical viewpoints without fear of suppression or violence - even if the subject-matter discussed involves violent conflict and extrapolating the possible triggering circumstances and 'what-if' scenarios after which violent conflict might occur.
  28. Gee wizz. Doom and gloom. What ever those in power decide to do is how things will be. I thank God this country has PLENTY of people that don't have a defeatist attitude and that I am one of them.
  29. When it comes to the military use in Martial Law, I am much more optimistic than some on this thread.

    Consider, the Military does not come out of a vacuum. It is OUR sons, OUR daughters, OUR neighbors.

    One observation... Even in the Soviet Union, when the breakup of the nation was occurring,

    There was a point where Soviet Troops were ordered to fire on the Pro-Democracy demonstrators...

    What happened..... The troops refused and the breakup occurred.

    God bless them... It was THEIR people... Not some foreign invader.