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The Power Of The Sun

  1. Pretty freaking cool! These are Fresnel Lens from old Big Screen TVs.

    Melting Rock:

    Melting Metal:

    Obsidian artwork and metal projects:

    Various projects:

    SO COOL!
  2. Yeah, since the invention of the magnifying glass there's been probably a billion or so ants who found out real fast how hot focused sunlight can get... :burn:

    I used to engrave things on pieces of wood with a magnifying glass, usually South Park characters (they're easy to draw). You'd need welding goggles with sunglasses underneath, it was so bright.
  3. That would be an awesome way to instantly sear a steak!
  4. Mmmm
  5. I was thinking more along the lines of intergalactic conquest.
  6. And all from 93 million miles away. And that's not all that far away, considering how big the universe really is. Boggles the mind thinking about it.
  7. Way cool!!!

    Commercial applications?
  8. Death ray for death row.
  9. Not much. You can do all that with an oxy-acetylene torch that burns hotter. But I have seen solar setups that refract and concentrate the sunlight onto a solar panel, so it's "brighter" and therefore more energy-producing than just straight sun.
  10. Can't we get several blimps holding a huge lens and float around over ISIS?

  11. It really is amazing that 1.5 m^2 of sunlight offers that much power from 90 million miles away.
  12. Agreed. I was shocked when I saw how much power those lenses had. And you can get them from an old Big Screen TV!

    How have you been my friend? It's been a while.
  13. That is actually pretty impressive.

  14. Staying woefully out of trouble. I gotta work on that. ;)

    Looking forward to an exciting NFL season, after an NBA season that almost caused me to care a little bit (which is a major achievement not seen in a couple decades).
  15. Oh God, ME TOO! I am SO looking forward to what Kelly does with the 9ers. Most of the news coming from OTAs is very positive. A couple of people lagging behind or slow to catch on, but they're guys who never contributed much anyways.

    My father is a life-long Golden State Warriors fan, so you can imagine how much he's loving this season. That GS team is amazing! Really wish my Blazers gave them a 6 or 7 game series in Round 2.

    Are you following baseball at all? My Giants are doing alright, despite injuries. I imagine you probably follow the Mariners?
  16. Friggen stupid ass sun has eaten the paint off my 97 Tacoma.
  17. It's a Toyota. It will live. :supergrin:
  18. Warriors are insane. Playoffs seemed like they actually had some story/drama. Never been a big NBA fan, but they're really playing basketball, which is a major change. Play rock solid defense, or die.

    Not a real baseball fan - got too much living to do for 163 games/season, yo. ;)

    But baseball highlights are wonderful, and games like Seattle/San Diego 16-13 the other night (pulled out from SD up 12-1) are again almost enough to get me to pay attention. I think I've mentioned before that I was in college before the Mariners had their first winning season, so I hardly know how to cope with them winning. :)

    Be fascinating to see what Chip can do, both this year and over the next couple years. Tough to rebuild in what promises to be a brutal division, with both Seahawks and Cardinals solid candidates to go all the way, and the Rams looking to be dangerous, though.

    Also, the sun is crazy powerful. I'm one of those people who will burn to a solid red in half an hour after a long winter with no sunlight. Proved it last weekend.
  19. Too funny! And so true. :)
    It's a great beach, beater truck.
  20. My kids are fixing to get out of school, and they sell magnifying glasses at the Dollar Store.

    What could possibly go wrong?:supergrin:
  21. Years ago my pal's 8 year old was having a birthday. My wife didn't know what to get him so I bought him a 4" magnifying glass.

    She thought it was a lame gift but then she doesn't think like a little boy either. He jumped on it and it was easily the hit of his B-day. Six months later when we were visiting the kid brought it out to show me.

    Remember this if you know of any youngsters with a birthday approaching.

  22. [​IMG]
  23. Cool but not a fresnel lens...
  24. Why is it the first thing that jumped to mind is what it would be like to move a steak around under the lense?