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    May 24, 2004
    An arab and a redneck are applying for the same job and the shop owner doesn't know which one to hire, so he comes up with an idea that they both have to write a poem that ends with "timbuktu". The one with the better poem will get the job.

    After writing for some time, the arab stands up and says "My poem is finished". The shop owner says, "well, let's hear it".

    Across the desert blazing sands,
    rides an endless caravan,
    arabs riding two by two,
    destination timbuktu.

    "Wow! That was pretty good" says the shop owner. After hearing the arab's poem, the redneck stands up and says "I got mine". "ok, let's hear it".

    Tim and I a'campin' we did went,
    we found three whores in a tent,
    they were three and we were two,
    I bucked one, and Tim bucked two.

    The redneck got the job!