The plastic P.... P95 range report!

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    Feb 11, 2001
    I like my P-series Rugers but I never really warmed up to the "plastic" versions!(glass filled nylon) I only bought this one because someone I know was going through a divorce and etc. Not real impressed with it my first time out.... but this trip I showed some improvement and the pistol has been 100% reliable.
    The first load up was Perfecta - 115g - FMJ and here are the first six shots at 14 yards:

    P95 Perfecta paper.jpg

    Ok... I was getting used to the trigger and the feel and everything. With the close steels, I had pretty good success and things fell off as the distance increased...Here is seven-fer-seven on steel at 18 yards:

    P95 perfecta steel more.jpg

    I went 6-7 on the other steel at 18 yards and then 5-7 on the gong at 25 yards:

    P95 perfecta gong more.jpg

    5-fer-7 as well on the popper at 29 yards. The knockdown was a challenge at 33 yards. I hit it on the second shot the first time around:

    P95 perfecta KD.jpg

    but it took me four shots the next time (although that time I hit in in DA mode).
    I was 50% on the far steel at 50 yards hitting it 5-10!

    I usually leave my pistols bone stock but I think maybe some friction tape would help with this pistol. I felt I should have been hitting even better. maybe I just need more trigger time!

    The next load up was UMC - 115g - FMJ. The results were similar: good close in and falling off at distance. Here are six shots on paper at 14 yards:

    P95 UMC paper.jpg

    I covered up the last hole with the gun! Perfect 6-6 on both 18 yard steels but only 3-6 on the gong at 25 yards and never hit the popper!! I did a little better on the knockdown at 2-5.
    I was starting to notice that the P95 shot high and, as the distances increased it became more pronounced. With this knowledge I was able to hit the far steel 7 outta 10!:
    P95 UMC far steel.jpg

    The last load for the day was only a partial box: 40 rounds of Wolf - Military Classic - 115g - FMJ ... Six shots on paper at 14 yards:

    P95 WMC paper.jpg

    (the holes above the slide). Four-fer-four on the one 18 yard steel completed a perfect 17 hits with no misses for the day but, on the other 18 yard steel, I inexplicably went 1-4.
    Respectable the rest of the way with 3-4 on the gong:

    P95 WMC gong.jpg

    annnd...3-4 on the popper at 29 yards:

    P95 wmc popper.jpg

    Only two shot to hit the knockdown at 33 yards and then went 4-6 on the far steel at fifty yards:

    P95 wmc far steel.jpg

    Totals for the gun:

    240 rounds representing 4 offerings!!

    Starting to figure this P95 out a little and getting better and better with it. It fit very well in my Black Arch Ace-1 holster which... I can't remember what gun I originally bought that fits several guns well!
    I am on a roll with the P series guns this year and, I haven't even shot my favorite!!
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    Jun 1, 2008
    Fled the emerald triangle
    The P series was a solid gun.

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    Sep 26, 2004
    Nice shooting

    Thanks for sharing :cool:
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    Feb 8, 2011
    Good shooting & a great looking gun...the first plastic frame Ruger P- gun still can hang with the current plastic fantastics out there.