The Perfect Christmas Gift?

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    (Associated Press)

    (11/28/05 - GREENWOOD, SC) - It's that time of year for the annual holiday special at Greenwood Memorial Gardens & Mausoleum -- half price on a cemetery plot and deals on vaults and markers.

    For years, the cemetery has advertised the special on U.S. 25.

    "This is our way of trying to help families out during the holidays," Manager Gary Blythe said. "A lot of our customers look forward to this time of year."

    Blythe said he isn't sure if anyone has actually given a spot in the cemetery or a grave marker as a Christmas gift, but business often increases once the sale starts. "Half off of a cemetery space is a good bargain," Blythe said.

    Reaction to the sign advertising the sale is mixed. Some think it's a great idea, while others find it a bit odd, Blythe said.