The Old Farmer's Wife.

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    The old farmer had married a comely young wench of 18 years and after a month of wedded bliss he visited his doctor for some advice.
    "It's so tiring,Doc," he said. "I am still working the farm,and when I am out in the field and get the urge,I have to run back to the house, jump in to bed, and afterwards, I have to walk back to the job again. It's knocking me out."
    "No wonder," said the doctor. "You are 82 and she is only 18. She should be running out to you," he said.
    He solved the problem by suggesting that the farmer take a shot-gun out into the field,and every time he got the urge,he could fire a shot to signal that his young wife should come running.
    A month later the doctor bumped into the old man down the main street,and out of curiosity asked him how the shot-gun scheme was working.
    "Oh,it worked well for the first two weeks." said the old farmer. "But then the duck season opened,and I haven't seen her since." !