The Old Farmer abd His Young Bride.

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    There once was an old farmer who after many years of living alone decided to marry a young woman that he was particularly taken with. But because he worked so hard in the fields all day their love life suffered greatly. After conciderable coaching the old man relented and they visited the local town's doctor. After a question and answer period the doctor determined that the old man was up to the call, but it was always at the wrong times. It seems that the farmer while driving along on his tractor out in the fields would think of his wife and get into the mood, but by the time he got back to their home he would have passed beyond the moment. The doctor suggested that the farmer carry his shotgun with him on the tractor and when the mood struct to fire off a couple shots and that would be her cue to come a runnin. The couple left happily to put their new plan in motion. A couple of months later the doctor was going to the local hardware store in town and noticed the old farmer. He approached him and ask how the plan was working out. The farmer said oh, it worked fine for a couple of weeks and then duck season opened and he hadn't seen her since.