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The "Official" Everything 'The CHINA Virus' meme thread

  1. Here is the "Original" 1st Post in this thread by -JCN-
    Non-political C-19 posts were moved here from the Political Issues "Funny political memes part 2" thread to reduce clutter there. That bumped -JCN-'s post down to #17.

    I wanted to give due credit to -JCN- for coming up with the idea.

    If you want to post Politically themed posts here, they will, I repeat, will be allowed in this thread. However, this is a one-thread exemption from the 'no political topics in TOC' policy. :thumbsup:


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  17. Looking to blow off steam? Keep it lighthearted!

  18. Never too many C-19 or meme threads.....
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    Don't you ever get tired of beating this stuff to death?
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  22. This may be the same person that hangs 5 Little Tree air fresheners from his car mirror and then drives around with the windows down.

    9094CD38-D13F-4CD0-8D36-85552CDEC655.jpeg 9094CD38-D13F-4CD0-8D36-85552CDEC655.jpeg
  23. Hoarding: when washing your hands just won't do!
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  40. Is that a pre ban high volume pump? No one needs that much sanitizer.
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    this one has me rolling when I asked my wife to bring me a roll of toilet paper earlier and accidentally posted it in the family group message
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  44. Bloody Hell!

    Not only have I been told I have dyslexia, I've just been diagnosed with raccoon virus!
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  46. Some of these are hilarious -- and will now find good homes on twitter!! :devildance:
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