The newlyweds...

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    There once was a man and a woman who had just gotten married, and were in thier hotel room, getting undressed for the nights activities. The man (who was a big burly fellow) took off his pants and threw them to the woman, and said,
    "Put these on."
    The woman slipped into them, but she, being a super model, was far to thin to wear them. So she said,
    "I cant wear your pants!"
    To which the man replied,
    "Thats right, dont you ever forget it."
    The woman just nodded, then slipped off her panties, and threw them to the man, with the words,
    "Put these on."
    of course, he couldnt even get them past his knees, with a pained look he said,
    "I cant get into your panties!"
    To which the woman smugly replied,
    "Thats right, and you wont either, till your attitude changes." ;)