The New Mule

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    Sep 10, 2001
    These two ol' boys from Beaumont, TX, bought a new mule, but had trouble getting him in their barn. Every time they would get him to the door, his ears would brush the top of the doorway and he'd start kicking and go wild.

    Finally, they decide the best way to solve the problem is to jack up the barn. So, they go out and get a half dozen jacks.

    The two Texans are scrambling from jack to jack to try to get the barn raised when this Cajun walks up. "Wot chall doin?" Boudreaux asks.

    "We's raisin thuh barn, yuh stoopid Cajun," Billy Bob says.

    "Why you do dat?"

    "Cause thuh mule's ears keep touchin' thuh doorway when we try to put him in iss-here barn and he goes haf-crazy wild," Billy Bob says. "He kicked Ernest Wayne plumb in thuh haid twicet already."

    "Why come you don' just dig de hole in de doorway? Dat way him got to go down when he get to de do' an him ear don't touch nutin."

    "Ya stoopid Cajun," Ernest Wayne chimes in. "It's his ears at's too long, not his laigs!"