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    Nov 4, 2002
    "Bill Clinton's autobiography came out today. It's based on a true
    > > story." -Jay Leno
    > > "Bill Clinton is everywhere now promoting his new book. I believe the
    > > last time Clinton did a media blitz like this it was to deny everything
    > > that's in this book." -David Letterman
    > > "Bill Clinton's book went on sale today at long last. Earlier today
    > > hundreds of people waited outside of Barnes and Noble in the pouring
    > > rain for a chance to meet Bill Clinton. When asked if she minded the
    > > rain, one woman said, 'I'm meeting Bill Clinton. I just assumed my dress
    > > would get ruined.'" -Conan O'Brien
    > > "I just read Bill Clinton's book. Hundreds of affairs, thousands of
    > > lies, lawsuits, subpoenas and then I got to page two." -Craig Kilborn
    > > "Former President Clinton is everywhere right now. Earlier today Oprah
    > > Winfrey asked Bill Clinton if he has talked to Monica Lewinsky since the
    > > affair. Clinton responded, 'Are you kidding? I didn't talk to her during
    > > the affair.'" -Conan O'Brien
    > > "A thousand people waited in line for an autographed copy of Bill
    > > Clinton's book. There was pushing, there was shoving, there was groping
    > > and that's just when Bill signed your book." -Craig Kilborn
    > > "Bill Clinton was on 'Oprah' talking about the book. I guess tomorrow
    > > he's on Maury Povich doing one of those paternity test shows. ... In two
    > > days he's been on '60 Minutes,' he's been on 'Oprah,' tomorrow he's on
    > > 'Larry King.' The only thing he hasn't been on lately is Hillary." -Jay
    > > Leno
    > > I loved it when Bill Clinton told Dan Rather the worst day of his life
    > > was the day he told Hillary the truth. Well, of course, it was. The
    > > first time you try anything it's always going to be difficult." -Jay
    > > Leno