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The new Glock ID forum

  1. Maybe its because its new but not sure how I like it yet any thoughts
  2. give it time, sure they will improve more.
  3. I pre-registered and have stopped in a few times, took one quiz but really haven't had the time to spend there. I know my way around here better.

    Not sure I would list my guns on line but many do so I guess it's not a big deal.

  4. Was only able to list 9 mm Glocks in my gun "safe", and non-Glocks. Not sure why or maybe I was missing something.
  5. You have to hit the caliber tabs at the top of the box to change to other pistols.

    As for the site, not exactly sure what its going to be useful for. Forums? I visit a few already and they aren't moderated by Glock marketing people. Lists of guns? Why? So I can earn fake patches and one day save up to win a free Glock sock hat? WTH? That sounds too much like saving up points for a free sammich at Subway. I personally don't have any use for G-ID, but I'm sure new shooters and young guys will find it thrilling. :dunno:
  6. Interesting
  7. I keep checking it out and it keeps looking like something for second graders.

    Earn stars for attendance and turning in your homework.:rollingeyes:

    And a lot of those questions sure seem contrived.
  8. They don't let me add the G24! Bastards! I bet if I tried to put my buddy's G18 into "my safe" they won't let me do that either!
  9. maybe its set up by our gooberment to see what you guys have......
  10. U just wish the "answers" could be categorized like most forums.

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