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The marquee on my local nudie bar now reads:

    CLASS OF 2019

    I thought it was in just enough bad taste to be funny,

    Also, don’t judge me, I was just driving by!
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  3. so it's probably better than paying $200,000.00 for a Sociology Degree.
  4. From prom to porn.

  5. The 15 dollar cover is WAY cheaper than prom
  6. Gotta earn that ice money somehow.
  7. HOLY CRAP!!!it used to be a 10.00 cover....
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  9. My favorite was "50 beautiful girls and one ugly one!"
  10. Well that Mercedes emblem is pointing true north.

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  11. I'd be pizzed if that was MY car.....
  12. :needspics:
  13. Is it class of 2019 high school or college? Or does it matter? Probably not. Don
  14. When I graduated in 1991 the WSJ ran an article interviewing women who worked some of the cleaner tie and/or jacket required strip joints in the twin cities.

    Ladies were quoted to be making as much as $150k a year and only complained because clubs like variety they couldn't get enough shifts. Standard table dance was something like $10 for a song and most men gave them a $20. I never checked the math.

    Those interviewed stated they would probably retire by 30 as millionaires with their investment strategies. This was the WSJ angle.

    Never underestimate the willingness of men to give a woman money to see the goods. Hell, I have friends who got married because of the sex and beauty of their wives. Most of those marriages crashed and burned horribly and everyone warned them.....they didn't care.
  15. Same sign caused problems in groton ct when I stayed there earlier. At the classier of the 2 strip joints in the area.

  16. They aren’t retiring when 75%of the profits go up their nose
  17. Having personally known some women who have experience on "the pole", I can tell you that very few of them have any idea about how to save money, or invest for their future, or retirement. They are typically burning the cash they make as fast, or faster than, they make it. I know a girl that was making 1/2 mil a year... And her average bank balance was less than $100 for YEARS in a row. Yes, she lived in a nice house, and drove a brand new BWM every year, and had $100K in purses, and another $100K in shoes.. Yes, she traveled quite a bit. Yes, she supported her loser family. This same chick had ZILCH in her bank account. She literally was working 7 days a week just to keep up with her spending. This is WITHOUT having a drug/alcohol issue. *MOST* girls in the industry have both a drug, and/or alcohol issue. By the time most of them turn 30, they are used up, burnt out, completely spent, complexions that look similar to the surface of the moon and are BROKE.
  18. I think the clubs had drug tests. These places specifically catered to businessmen.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm sure 80% of these women are drug addicts or prostitute themselves.

    The last club I was in (for a bachelor party) was the first one I've been inside of in at least ten years. It was a dump (Visions in Madison,WI). I remember watching some 18 year old get her butt smacked by a way over inked nasty stripper in front of a bunch of hoods and feeling sorry for her thinking what life choices led you here. Yep, I'm offically an old man.

    But there is money (lots of it) in clean clubs. One of my professional colleagues shared with me she danced in her early 20's in Jersey (she is 47 now). She claimed clean girls actually made more. The addicts would give you a ZJ for $10 but the clean and sober ones could get you to give them a $20 to make you think you had a shot.

    This is why I go to clubs with only quarters.
  19. Class of 19, might be some surprises when you get that lap dance. Just sayin
  20. A lot better income than a sociology degree will get them, for sure (assuming it's a decent place, not in the hood).
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  22. Hahaha.

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  23. fresh meat
  24. At the old one on hwy 371, one of the gals was telling me she makes 600 cash on a slow night, 2k on busy nights. She was about a 5 on a good day in poor lighting.
  25. Would get more for 2024.
  26. I know a gal who did that, stayed clean and retired on her horse farm in her mid-30's, self made.

    She worked hard to look smokin' hot and knew how to work it. She also had a vision, spent wisely and saved.
  27. About 10 to 12 years ago there was a stripper lived on my mail route. The postmaster told me she came in to the office one day and bought $700 in postal money orders. Paid for them with one dollar bills. Now where do you suppose she acquired $700 in ones?
  28. she runs an arcade?
  29. I am thinking self service vacuum??
  30. Say it ain't so!

    As I remember Groton, it was a submarine base - could things have gone that awry in the Navy?
  31. She had a snack/coke machine business.
  32. Did they smell funny?
  33. :laughabove:
  34. Before I retired as a lawman I knew some very interesting ladies. One lady had several condominiums and a large home at one time until the real estate bubble burst / reality set in.
  35. I feel guilty if I have more than ten singles in my possession. :homer:
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  37. Both the nudie bars in town burned down one was an 18 year old club no booze served just 12 buck cokes and the strippers asked for money to feed the juke box. but boy they had some firm decent lookin stuff dancing there. little hotel down the road. had a bar on the back side of the strip joint but it went up in flames and two years later the other one went up. there was this blonde that could do this flex thing and i wont go any further. dont want the man dinging me again.
  38. The pimp bull took care of bidness is all..lol
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  40. Humm? I would trade that broad for a Dodge Ram Hood ornament. But! the Dodge Ram is horney.:kidding:
  41. I worked nights for eight years and I got to know a number of these girls. There's only so many places you can shop at after 2:00 AM so you get to know people.

    One girl told me a story about one of her coworkers. This gal had only one customer and only worked one hour a month. A lawyer paid her $5,000.00 each month for one hours work. That's it.

    One girl used the job to pay for a geology degree, strangely enough.

    Most are walking train wrecks, though. Unsavory lifestyle choices aside, I think the main problem is that they get so used to hustling people that they just can't help bringing that home with them.

    This applies to women who work in bars, etc, as well.

  42. 2 strip clubs within a couple miles of the base. they know how to separate sailors from their money.