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I was a junior in high school when they introduced the .40 s&w by Glock at the Shot Show and its adoption by law enforcement agencies around the country. First there was the Miami Shootout and that shooting in New York when it took 19 shots to bring down a guy with their 147gr 9mm jhp in use by LEOs at the time I purchased 200 rounds of ammo one night to test the stuff that police were using remmington, federal, winchester and speer out of 200 rounds of all their jhp ammo only 5 that's RIGHT 5 expanded I was in total shock this what our police are stuck using holy **** then came the new .40 s&w that gave better performance than the wonder nines in use at that time Most agencies did not want to take the chance on this federal load in use in Illinois(9bple) I just find it exciting that I was old enough to enjoy the birth of a major caliber and see it deployed. Just like others did in 1901(9mm) and in 1911(.45acp). The .40 saw its growing pains kBs and bad brass from Federal bullet set back problems and find out which loads work the best . They all had their growing pains and lived through it to become a mainstay in firearms. I was just wondering if any of you guys were adults like me to see the rise of a service caliber a good one and your thoughts on this great caliber.
Thank you

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The NYPD shooting with the 19 hits (Diallo) involved Winchester 115 grain FMJ carried for political correctness purposes, but you're right, a perceived lack of power in the 9mm led to the development of the .40 S&W. While we do now have many agencies switching to 9mm from .40 and even from your namesake caliber, we have a great many who are very happily staying with the .45 and other more potent rounds.

Sounds like you're looking for a dialogue on the topic. I'd suggest Cop Talk or Caliber Corner here. Our host, Eric, wants the GATE section to be sort of "one stop shopping" for single quick answers to a single member's question.

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