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The latest COVID-19 deniers argument...

  1. First it was, "...just the flu."
    Then it was a bioweapon.
    After that, it was something released to make Trump look bad.
    Next, it was, '...it doesn't really kill anybody."
    Today, I heard it already blew through America in December.
    Where the hell does this kind of stupidity come from? Is it municipal water supplies? UFO's? HH
  2. and then there were the IDIOTS on the other side of the equation screaming "we're all going to DIE!". There will be MILLIONS of dead bodies piling up in the streets! Since we are all going to die, let's just go ahead and kill the economy as well! No sense having that around if we are all going to die! Oh wait...
  3. All I know is I'm not leaving my house any more than I have to and I was pissed that my employer thought they had a loophole to make my job essential when it clearly isn't and they didn't cave until this past Tuesday.

    I'm in the target group of those who often don't survive this and so is my wife. I'm going to assume it's legit until it's over, if it's ever over.
  4. It kills less people than the flu. Fact.
  5. Essential worker here, so still going to work. Hoping for the best for everyone.

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  6. So does certain kinds of cancer. Not exactly relevant without proper context.
  7. There you go, did it now. Get ready for the onslaught from the it's xx times worse than the flu crowd. Along with every chart and graph they can find...:eek::eek:
  8. Same here.
  9. Since that's still the prognosis, what part of it is confusing for you? What causes you to not understand that is what our future holds, if we don't get ahead of this?
  10. How do you know this as fact? Do you have a crystal ball, or a time machine you've zipped months into the future with?

    And when you write "kills less people than the flu", do you mean per person infected as a mortality rate? Or do you mean over-all, in some time period?
  11. I guess I am Stupid. Is that an upgrade or downgrade from degenerate?

    I hope GT is around 5 years from now so we can go back to "the record" of who said what. If I am wrong I will eat crow x10.

    I have never promoted its not a "Thing", but it seems we are throwing the baby out with the wash.

    The old adage the people get the government they deserve is coming true perhaps. Looks like in mass, personal accountability left with the aliens from Area 51.

    Case and point; https://www.foxnews.com/us/amazon-driver-california-caught-camera-licking-package

    Too me, this is Stupidity and a pi$$ poor excuse of being a member of the human race.

    IMHO, doubting the MSM, which many on this forum has found very fashionable prior to CV19, questioning the acts of governments and sick (no -pun) individuals is not Stupidity. IMHO, it is just an assessment of the facts. One has to not be stupid to cut through the chaff to find the wheat.

    Stay vigilant and alert, but don't go Ape $hit.

    Edit, let me add I do have empathy for ones like bengalbacker. I can appreciate their position and thoughts. If the ones capable are not out working and making the economy move, then eventually the SS checks will dry up. So what happens to the elderly and the compromised then?
  12. Cancer is not contagious.
  13. Deaths per day. Deaths per month. Fact.
  14. I think he is talking about total numbers.

    During the 2019-2020 flu season we had 24,000-62,000 deaths in the US according to the CDC. So far, we have had 2,230 deaths from COVID-19. But remember, this has only been in the US for about 2.5 months. We don't know if it will continue at this rate all year or if it will have a seasonal behavior like the regular flu.

    People are concerned because it is new and nobody has immunity to it. It has been hyped a lot in the media and that drives people's fear of the unknown. We see reports of 700-800 people dying per day in Italy and Spain. We realize it could hit here just as hard.

  15. WoUlDNt WanT ThOSE FacTS gETTIng InTo ThE ArguMeNT
  16. you can make this claim in July. This is supposedly the ramp up to the real show.
  17. You are making way too much sense here in a time where most have lost all their senses!

    I’m not a doctor or a scientist so this virus does not intrigue me. I could care less about it and wish it would go away. However with the “seasonal” term now attached it appears it’s NOT going away.

    I feel for the ones in the high risk category. They have a long difficult road ahead of them. They need to be very, extra careful. But honestly, before all of this there was always bronchitis and pneumonia out there. That’s the killer! So there really was never a time for the high risk to be cavalier. This virus just added a new twist as its highly contagious and currently in the spotlight.

    I’m sold on the advice that EVERYONE should stop putting their hands near their eyes, nose and mouth. Wash their hands regularly. Especially when they first walk inside their home or someone else’s home. It’s a dirty world out there! Also, if it’s not a problem, all should take extra doses of vitamin C everyday to fortify and boost immunity. I mean the doctors are using vitamin C in the hospitals to treat people with CVID-19. So why not use it for prevention too? A barrier of protection if you may.

    I believe it’s common sense that these habits should now become a lifestyle as they can go a long way in preventing people from spreading the virus and getting sick. I think this is key because for the vast, VAST majority of us - life needs to go on. Time to accept and adapt. That’s how the human race survives.

    Unfortunately like everything else nowadays it has also become political. And I’m thinking the political curve has a long way to go before it peaks.

    I just saw that there are people actually spreading the virus purposely by crossing state lines and spitting on objects and food. I don’t know if these people are just sadistic sickos. Or, they have something to gain by spreading it. Makes what I said above about prevention more of an importance.
  18. I am in the high risk category but our work is semi essential. I go to work everyday so far as well as my coworkers. We all try to maintain proper hygiene and common sense when around each other. All of our employees were offered the option to work from home and so far only one has taken up the offer.

    Currently our town off 300k has lees then 10 cases.

    One thing the wife and I have decided is that we are not going to live in fear of this thing. We don't go around groups or others we know are vulnerable. I know people who are so afraid of this that they will not even go outside.

  19. Too bad we don't have any GT members from Italy or Spain. I wonder what their input would be.
  20. I guess I’m just stupid too. I will use common sense and take reasonable precautions, but, I will not live in fear. I still go to work everyday. I would rather die from the virus than live in a financial and economic wasteland. This country is screwed if we don’t find a balance soon.
  21. I have never heard of hospitals triaging people during flu season.
    I have never seen the need for mobile morgues to deal with the dead during flu season.
  22. It’s fascinating that you think you’re the one bucking the MSM and government. The media and government were the people downplaying coronavirus.


    Right...I think you missed the point.
  23. It is like a virus. It just keeps spreading and mutating.
  24. Slow Clap IvanVic. You drag out one op-ed, but I am sure there are many more. MSM has been lying too us since way before my time. Its how you digest the information and try to find some real truth. Not so easy now-days for if its on the internet it must be true.

    When you look at MSM and frankly the political arm of this country, their body of work has a lousy track record.

    So, yes I am skeptical with a sprinkle of common sense tossed into the soup.

    “You are young yet, my friend,” replied my host, “but the time will arrive when you will learn to judge for yourself of what is going on in the world, without trusting to the gossip of others. Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see.”

    ― Edgar Allan Poe

    "Sometimes" - Me
  25. Bottom line... Americans have had it way too easy for far too long. It's made too many of us soft.
    Every day I see more and more elderly out and about.... tougher breed I guess.
  26. You’d rather be dead than broke? Or dead than to live in a poor economy? Are we talking like a Mad Max type wasteland?
  27. Tell that to the Italians. I'm sure they will be happy to hear the good news.

    Happyguy :)
  28. Well most of the list is crazy but I know it’s been through my area a few months ago. I know some that died from “it” My Mom had it, very sick for three weeks and multiple Dr office trips and no answers. Her bestie had it right after her. The symptoms are exactly what the virus is causing now. I know of five deaths, all older with severe respiratory infection.
  29. God remains in control... I'm not going to act w/o regard for the virus, but I am not going to allow it to take over my life. I know who has my back & in whose arms I will be when He calls me home
  30. I think we are generally agreeing. My point being that there’s no way to claim to be bucking the theories of the press and government because they’ve been all over the place. First they denied, then they covered it like the plague.

    I’m also highly skeptical of the immediate temptation to uncritically distrust the press on innocuous subjects. We see this here frequently from conspiracy theorists. Believe it or not, accepting that Sandy Hook was an actual thing and not a false flag has been described as “believing whatever the media tells you.”
  31. -> IvanVic. Agreed. 5 years from now, the story will spin to whatever the mass/controlling authority wants. Most of us will still be around and go by the words of Elmer Kieth. "Hell, I was there!"

    Off to the range with my buds. More .45 acp and for $hits and giggles dragging my PPK/s(s) out for a shake down.
  32. If a 350 lb, 55 year old smoker with type 2 diabedes gets the corona virus and dies, it was the virus that killed him right?
  33. 5 years from now, people will still be dying from coronavirus, it just won't be plastered all over the news anymore. It will just be another virus on the long list that kills people.
  34. Above quote From January 30th. A lot has happened since then. I was out turning cash into food supply preparing for the impending impact. The media was absolutely silent at that time. Not sure if they were too busy kissing China’s ass or stirred up from trying to impeach Trump.

    For the crowd that thinks this is a global media conspiracy to overthrow the President.. I’ll simply say that the media dropped the ball. Lives have been lost due to the media’s early silence. Shame on them and shame on anybody who has the willful ignorance to play ostrich with this bug. Ignore it at your own peril, and remember.. by the time your lungs are filled with pus and the fever sets in.. rest assured you’ve given it to coworkers, friends, strangers, and Family.

    If God is in control on this one, I’ll simply reply that God seems to have given us a frontal context. Your forefathers used it, otherwise your genes would have been culled by now. Just because some bad faith actors find this tragedy politically expedient, it’s not time to quit using our brains and ignore what’s coming... coming with mathematical certitude. Revisit in a month shall we? This post, along with the other ‘Chicken Little’ posts, will age well.

    Tougher than nails, retired GT’ers who won’t let a ’hyped’ virus scare them away from the favorite breakfast dining gossip hotspot? They may not age so well.
  35. Same. I don't have a choice. I have to go to work. Just hope I still have a job when this is over and hope all of our GT family the best.
  36. We were given an extra day off, and there is talk of us getting a 4th day off

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  37. It always sickened me to see people wish for the worse just to prove their point. I used to think this forum was somewhat immune since it seems to be a hallmark of the left*. The sheer volume of threads and posts from the gloom and doomers here have proven me wrong.

    *Along with calling folks who have a differing pov "stupid".
  38. We did. They’re all dead.

    I'm kidding. (I think).
  39. Donald J. Trump, whose crowning jewel achievement was the greatest economy in American history, just crashed the economy in an election year because of a hoax.

    Sure, that sounds legit to me.

    Happyguy :)
  40. Bull squat....

    The flu has a death rate of about 0.1%
    Corona has a death rate of about 1.43%

  41. When will my check get here?

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  42. The latest COVID-19 deniers argument...

    There's always people that are blind to the facts.
    Hell, there are fools that think the Earth is flat. :)
  43. Forget about a global media conspiracy. I believe China was messing around with it and it either slipped out or somebody (not the government) intentionally let it out. Either way it doesn’t matter. Both bad. One is reckless, the other evil.

    But that aside, do you believe the MSM and certain members of the left are not currently politicizing this crisis?
  44. Since 1000 people have died in the US the last 2 days that averages 500 a day. If the flu killed 500 everyday that would be 182,500 a year. Fact.

    Edit: Oh and it hasn't peaked yet. And this is WITH sports and concerts being closed all across the country, restaurants carry out only and schools closed down.
  45. I automatically deny denieing anything those deniers deny! :)
  46. Exactly.

    Funny, in 2009 over 4000 people in the U.S. died from H1N1 before Obama even declared an emergency, but all the media could do was heap praise on Obama for how great he handled it.
  47. You can say alot of things about this disease and I agree with most of what is being said in reference to people not taking this disease seriously but the death rate claim you posit here is patently false. If we could test everyone we would see about 2 or 3 more zeros added to the number of cases, and several zeros in front of the death rate. The death rate is not the problem the spread rate is the problem hence social distancing and flattening the curve. If this disease had a true death rate as high as you say the military would be on the streets with shoot on sight orders for anyone violating quarantine, 70% of the population will get this before it stops at the death rate presented here close to 4 million people would die and that is flat out not going to happen. We need to be serious but also saying things like this give people not taking this seriously ammunition to use against logic. The true death rate will end up being similar to the flu however it will kill alot more people due to the simple fact that more people are going to get it before this is over.
  48. Donald Trump did not shut down the states, the governors did.
  49. Technically you are correct. In reality you couldn't be more wrong.

    Happyguy :)
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