The Lady and the Pharmacist..

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    A lady walks purposely into the pharmacy and the pharmacists asks, "Can I help you?"

    "Yes," she says curtly, "I want to buy something."

    "What can I get for you?" asks the pharmacist.

    She looks him square in the eye and replies, "Cyanide."

    "Cyanide!" he exclaims and continues, "Ma'am, I cannot sell you cyanide. That's poisonous, dangerous stuff."

    They're both quiet a second or two and he asks, "Why do you want cyanide?"

    She calmly replies, "To kill my husband." She never blinks an eye.

    The pharmacist is sure she means it when he says, "There's no way for you to get that here. Not only is it dangerous stuff, but you're going to commit a crime with it. I could go to jail too if I sold it to you."

    Then he gets curious and asks why she's determined to murder her husband.

    She says, "I caught him with another woman."

    With that she hands the pharmacist a photograph of her husband and the other woman in sort of a compromising situation to have your picture taken.

    He looks at it and sees that the "other woman" is his own wife!

    He looks at the lady and asks, "Why didn't you say you had a prescription in the first place?"