The Kent Family Chronicles by John Jakes

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    I Just finished reading the last of the Kent Chroniclas volume 8. They were written in the seventies and start just before the American revolutionary war and go all the way to 1890. They are historical fiction and are very well written and very interesting. I wish they could be studied by school children to give them an appreciation of our country but some of the sex parts are a bit graphic. John Jakes really did a lot of reaserch from everything to the politics of the day, social fabric, early criminals, and day to day life. I think these are some of the best books ever written on American historical fiction. They show the good and bad things that happened in our country but they are not bashing America. I checked them out form my library and had to get a lot of them through inter library loan. Each one is 500-790 pages long. The first one is called the Bast@***d. (A word for illigitamate child)

    I also finished The Gangs of New York and Paradise Alley. A must read for gun owners. The Gangs of New York is Way better than the movie. It is a non fictional history of street gangs in NY starting just before the Civil war and going to 1925 about. It is one of the ,most shocking books I ever saw. The Gangs were way more brutal than in the movie. In fact one gang member had metal hooks he would put on his thumbs for eye gouging. Another embeded ax blade tips in his boots. What is interesting as a gun owner is that most of the gangs liked killing with weapons that were not guns. There was an old abbandoned brewery that housed imigrants that were out of work. They estimate an average of one person was dragged inside and killed every night for 10 years. They tore the building down during the civil war and workers found thousands of pieces of human bones. In that same building a gang member stabbed a nine year old girl in front of her mother and took her coin. It said they left her there for three days then the mom burried her in the dirt floor. In another warehouse that was 20 feet by 200 feet. Up to 200 imigrants lived in it. What was really disgusting was that every time the gang leaders were arrested Tamminni Hall Democrats would get them out of jail. This is because they used the gangs to attack and burn ballot boxes and attack their political enemies. It also tells about the riots against the Civil War. Gangs burrned down most of the city and lynched and tortured blacks. ( many of the people lynched were tortured and burned alive by the women in the mob) They were only stopped by the militia using artillery. Paridise alley was a fictional account of these riots but it was very boring in some parts.
    The Gangs of new york gives good ammo to use against people who say there would be no violence without guns. It makes NY look like it was "the wild wild east"