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The Indian and the job application.

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by Black Tiger, Jul 27, 2005.

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    And Indian walks into a diner one day carrying a shotgun and a pail of horse manure and sits down. THe waitress walks over to his table and the Indian orders a coffee.

    Shortly, the waitress serves him a cup of coffee, which he drinks in one gulp; he then graps a handful of horse manure and flings it in the air and shoots it with the shotgun, leaving horse manure splattered all over the diner and promptly leaves.

    The following day, the indian comes in with the same shotgun and the same pail of manure and orders coffee again; the cook rushes out of the kitchen.

    "WHoa, Chief, you can't come in here anymore; we are still cleaning the mess you left yesterday; what's with the shotgun and the pail of manure, anyways?" the cook shouts at the indian.

    "Me applying for management position at job." The indian replies; "Boss comes in to work, drinks coffee, shoots the s#it and leaves a mess for everyone else to clean up and leaves early."