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The Impossible Whopper

  1. Well, I finally tried one.

    I got a regular Whopper to compare, with the same toppings (tomatoes and pickles, no condiments).

    To say you cannot tell this from beef is pure hyperbole. I might agree this is better than any other vegetable matter masquerading as meat, but that's as far as I'll go.

    The smell is somewhat different. Not bad really just different. The texture is pretty good, but not like the beef. The aftertaste is probably the biggest difference I could tell.

    I still don't understand the market for this product really, but it was a worthwhile experiment.

    If you got your Whopper slathered with all the sauce and cheese and bacon etc etc you probably could not tell it was the Impossible version. That's the highest praise I can offer.

    I'm waiting for someone to come out with an Impossible fillet or sirloin. Until then I will be forced to eat the standard cow parts with the appropriate heat applied.
  2. I think the Impossible Whopper is like electric cars: not for everyone.
  3. No thanks!
    Meat for me!
  4. I used to think Burger King tasted pretty good. Same with Sonic. I never cared for MacD's. Now days I can't stand any of them. Don't know if my taste has changed, or they have changed?
  5. I like that double bacon burger!
  6. Oddly, I had a craving for a Big Mac a few weeks ago.

    It has easily been 20+ years since I've had one. They are smaller than I remember.
    The beef had a crumbly texture that wasn't great, but the special sauce was spot on. I think it is some combo of tartar sauce and ketchup, quite good.

    I will try again in 25 years. Probably in a blender by then.
  7. I tried one a few weeks ago. My reaction was similar.
  8. They should name it the....
  9. Whopper with cheese was my go-to hangover food as a kid. I think back then they actually put raw burger on a conveyer/grill and it came out the other end cooked. I loved ‘em.

    I believe they “modernized” and went to nuking pre-cooked burgers. I either grew out of the taste for them or the quality went down.

    Impossible burger... um no thanks. I’ll let future generations think of a good reason to eat them. I’ll stick to real chicken, beef or fish.

    (And V8 engines)
  10. Will not try one. If I am alive when they outlaw meat, I will be a felon 3 times a day.
  11. I have never liked MacD's either. It's the bread they use that does it for me. I can smell it as soon as I walk in and it's off putting.

    I have always like Sonic though, but I haven't had it in a while.

  12. I am sure the quality nose dived.
    I was so excited when I found out we were getting a Arby,s!!
    Store opened I ordered a roast beef and started eating it while driving.. yuck..
    I tossed it out the window of the truck.
    Never been back.
  13. A friend of mine that worked at Hardee's when in high school told me that the sauce they used on the Husky, which I still think was the best fast food burger, was just Thousand Island salad dressing with some ketchup added. I think the Big Mac is about the same. I always liked McD's quarter pounder. Now they say it is always made with fresh beef. The last two I ate both tasted good, but made me sick a half hour later. I don't eat those any more and not much else at McD's. I used to think Burger King had the best tasting ones but lately it does not seem the same.
    Since we got a Chick- fil- A close by now I go there more than any of the others, although I will eat a Wendy's single, or their Asiago Ranch chicken sandwich.
    I see no reason to eat a fake meat burger, especially when it costs more than the real thing.
  14. When you go for a burger, you want a burger. if you want vegetables, you order vegetables.
  15. I suspect that these veggie or synthetic burgers or no healthier fare than beef burgers, and perhaps worse. I would also be at not all surprised if, pound for pound, creating this faux food has a larger carbon impact than providing a beef burger.

    In short, my gut tells me it is just a scam.

    I will await some solid facts on both matters, but given the current political climate, that is my guess.
  16. I don't understand this mentality of refusing to even try one. Not everything has to be political. It's just a sandwich and it's actually not bad (though you can tell it's not real beef). I tried one just out of curiosity. Still prefer a traditional Whopper, but it's good to know that I can also enjoy the substitute if I find myself somewhere that real beef isn't appropriate.
  17. Their version of a McRib?
  18. I ordered one at Red Robin and it was fuggin' delicious.
  19. I really don't think these are intended to convert a bunch of meat eaters to vegans. They are intended to give vegans and vegetarians who are used to eating faux meat something to eat at BK.
  20. SheWhoMustBeObeyed is vegetarian and loves them. I tried one, and they’re passably good, but I stick with my double mustard whopper.

    It makes it quick and easy for our Saturday lunches, though. One stop and we both can eat.
  21. I tried the Beyond Meat version at one of our artisan burger joints. I honestly couldn’t tell the difference from the exact same menu item in beef. I know in a blind taste test, I absolutely couldn’t have told you which one was which, except when it came to pay the bill.

    The Beyond Meat version was exactly double the price. I am sure the mass market places have addressed this issue to some degree, but for me, I was hard pressed to come up with why anyone would order one a second time.
  22. I'm not a vegan, but I unfortunately suffer from gout, and the ingestion of red meat/beef gives me uncomfortable pain in my joints, particularly in my hands and fingers, so one day a couple months ago I decided to try the Impossible Burger, and I was actually quite surprised, not noticing any real particular difference in taste or texture, and I'm real picky. It's more expensive than a Whopper meal, but that's not a deal breaker when I'm looking for something to eat when I'm out on the road and finding myself too hungry to wait until I get home.

    There are plenty of foods that aren't for everybody, and that's fine with me. And despite each other's differing tastes, we should all be glad to admit that it's nice to have as many choices as we do.
  23. That's interesting, I've heard that the Impossible stuff is more meat like than the Beyond stuff. Kroger has the Beyond patties in a 2 pack for like $5, I'm just gonna have to buy the dang things and give 'em a go.
  24. I actually don’t think that is what their target market is about. I have listened to both Beyond Meat and Impossible CEOs and they stress they want to replace meat as it is a more environmentally friendly alternative.

    Cows are higher on the food chain and so consume a lot of resources and produce a lot of methane. The pitch is they are much more sustainable.

    Now before anyone goes off, the truth is they absolutely are “greener” compared to real meat, but the real reason they are doing it is because venture capital is readily available and they all will become rich, long before the house of cards comes down.

    There is always some sap willing to buy a profit less “disruptive” company’s stock at the IPO, well, unless you name it WeWork. ;)
  25. Not the target market for Impossible and Beyond meat, but I really don't think BK is trying to start a meat revolution.
  26. No, I think their deal is novelty and of course to try and re-engage with millennials who don’t eat “fast food” unless it has some virtuous sounding backstory like clean, local, sustainable, etc.

    I know a lot of vegans, they don’t go to Burger King, ever. They won’t be going there for an Impossible burger.
  27. I haven’t read the health benefits of this burger, but if it is noticeably ‘healthier’, then great. I’ve had a couple so far since I have high cholesterol, but I think the 4 tacos with it put me back over the top.

    I just don’t think about BK when I go out to eat since I try to eat healthier. Again, if this fauxpper is actually less unhealthy even with all of what went into it to take the cow away, I may go back past the novelty stage.
  28. Haven't done BK in years. McDs isn't too rough on me, I actually like Wendys Double w/ cheese, lettuce, ketchup only. !/2# and always fresh. (Where's the Beef.... miss old lady ad)
  29. I like it. The difference in taste is there, but only noticeable if you are truly looking for it.
  30. If the veggie burger tastes like beef and has a lot less calories and fat then it might have a chance. Otherwise no.
  31. Oh hell no. Just give me a triple whopper, no cheese. If, for some reason, I could never eat red meat again, I'd rather move on to something else than eat that artificially meat flavored garbage. Grill myself up a big fat portabello or something.....
  32. These are not really vegetables- just mixed up with some spice.

    This is laboratory made food -

    It seems like a vegetarian would want natural organic type stuff - they are even against GMO!

    This **** is about as far away from nature as you can get.
  33. It is very important to understand the the Impossible Whopper is NOT vegan, it is vegetarian. With that out of the way, it's not bad / not great, but for someone like myself who suffers from occasional gout, it's a good alternative during an attack. HH
  34. It isn’t healthier and both CEO’s acknowledge that out front. There is science that for the average person, they are likely less healthy.

    I had to laugh the day of Beyond Meat’s IPO, the CEO kept referring to their customers who might be interested in a product “seemingly” more healthy. They had covered that in detail during the road show. It isn’t healthier. Both companies whole pitch is being lower on the foot chain, smaller carbon footprint, sustainable. Definitely they don’t talk about healthier, at least, at the average individual consumer level. There just isn’t any science to support it.
  35. Yup! My wife has had to adopt a strict vegan diet for her health. It has worked wonders! But she doesn't pretend that fake meat is healthy or good for the planet. It is good for the family when the only option is a burger joint...
  36. I'm not gonna try one until a free one is offered to me. not even 1cent
  37. Save your money, I was wrong.

    After we posted I started wondering if I had tried Impossible or Beyond, so I called the guy at the burger joint I tried it and he confirmed it was Impossible. I thought it was Beyond Meat as they had gone public at that time and I wanted to try it, so crossed my wires (at the time, I didn't know Impossible even existed, I thought based on all the hype surrounding the IPO Beyond Meat was alone out front).

    Anyway, the way he prepared it, I couldn't tell the difference from his meat offering that I have had many times.

    FWIW, he said he has since discontinued selling it. He said after a brief rush, sales fell off to a point it didn't make sense to keep offering it.
  38. No thanks. I’ll let others be the subjects of this social, scientific, political experiment....from Healthline.com

    “Heme, or soy leghemoglobin, is the ingredient said to set the Impossible Burger apart from other plant-based burgers. It adds to the flavor and color of the burger and makes it “bleed” like a beef burger does when cut.

    It’s also perhaps the most controversial ingredient in the Impossible Burger.

    Unlike the heme found in beef, the heme in the Impossible Burger is genetically engineered by adding soy protein to genetically engineered yeast

    Current studies on soy leghemoglobin have only been conducted in animals and over short periods.

    However, it’s currently unknown whether it’s safe for humans to eat this man-made compound over longer periods.”
  39. A pure vegetarian would not want their patty cooked on the same grill with real meat.

    BK cooks them all on the same grill.
  40. I haven't tried one yet. I may or may not, don't know.

    I don't think it's so much about being "greener" than it is about money. I believe they are trying to capture a piece of the vegetarian market. I also don't think a company will go green if it affects their bottom line.
  41. Calories are actually higher in the Impossible burger, but not by much. Macro nutrients are actually about the same between the two.
  42. Well perhaps part of their green pitch can be that since it's not healthier than beef, it will kill you quicker than a steady diet of beef, thereby reducing YOUR carbon footprint.
  43. Thanks for taking a hit for the team and letting us know. Doesn’t appeal to me and now I have even less of a reason to try one.

    I’ll eat a burger from a fast food joint on the go but honestly they just don’t taste as good as they use to. Do enjoy a good bar burger or home made even better.
  44. Yes, this is correct. I watched them do this and asked about it.
    They said I could have asked to have it cooked on a separate grill.
  45. If it was cheaper than real meat and tasted as good as some of you say, I'd try it. But as some have said: Not gonna pay more for a fake.

    "You can have this genuine Rolex for $5000, or this fake one that isn't more accurate, for $6000."
  46. Boy, you really had me there. I thought the title was about the latest Bernie or pocohontis promises! Glad to hear it's just food.
  47. Grazing animals are good for the environment.
  48. this thread makes me want to have a 1 lb burger made with 100% beef
  49. The Impossible Whopper has 630 calories vs. 678 for a regular Whopper with the same basic toppings.

    The regular Whopper has 54 grams of carbs vs. 58 grams for the Impossible Whopper.

    The IW has 25 grams of protein vs. 31 for a regular Whopper.

    It is my experience that 2/3 of the calories of fast food is in the buns and sauces used. Nearly all the bread/buns used in fast food are heavily infused with high fructose corn syrup aka sugar.
  50. How do the fats / cholesterols compare? HH