The Hawg Hunters

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    Three hunting buddies who are hardcore pig hunters and one of them who is rather large go hunting. When they're deep in the hills the very large one falls and hits his head. Guy #1 says "uh,oh he looks like he's hurt pretty bad" Guy #2 says "we gotta git'em to the hospital" then guy #1 says "but he's darn near 300 pounds, how the heck we gonna git him back to the truck?". Both sit there pondering until the first guys "I got it!" then guy #2 says "ya do!?", then the first guy says "yeah, we drag out hogs twice as big as he is and we'll do it the same way". So they pull out the the rope and tie one end to his neck and the other to a backpack and take off all the weight they can. Then they take turns dragging their buddy back to the truck. When they finally reach the hospital the Doctor tells them "I'm sorry he didn't make it". The friends are crushed about their buddy.
    Guy #1 breaks the silence when he says "so he died of the slip and fall? then the doctor says "no, he would've surrived that" then guy #2 goes "oh no! did the rope we used to drag'em out kill him since it was around his neck?!" the Doctor says "no, he actually would have surrived that too" . Guy #1 yells "I know what did it, when we was walkin' back to the truck we had to cross a stream and the rope came loose and floated down the stream face-down for about five minutes". "Thats what did it right?", the Doctor once again says "no, he would've surrived that too". Then guy #2 blurts out "we shouldn't have gone fishin' for those 2 hours right? then yet again the Doctor say "he would've surrived that too", then the two friends say "well then, what the heck killed him??". Then the Doctor finally loses his temper and screams "You morons shouldn't have gutted him!!"