The Goldburgs

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    Goldberg and his wife were about to celebrate 50 years together. The
    three kids, all very successful careerists, but not as attentive as
    the parents would have liked, agreed to a Sunday dinner at their
    folks house. Of course, they were all late, as usual, and the excuses
    flowed like wine:

    "Happy Anniversary, Dad!" gushed son # 1..."I'm sorry I'm running
    late...had an emergency at the hospital, you know how it is, and I
    didn't have time to stop to get you guys a present!"

    "Not to worry!" said the old man..."The important thing is, we're

    Son #2 came rushing in. "POPS! you're lookin' good! And MOM! you're
    still beautiful, love! I just got in from L.A. where I closed a big
    deal! Came straight from the airport, and didn't have time to buy you
    a gift...I'm so sorry!"

    "It's nothing," said Goldberg...we're together, that's the main thing!"

    Daughter: "Mom, Dad, the firm is shipping me to Europe for a
    conference....I gotta run as soon as din-din's over...didn't have
    time for a shopping trip!"

    Goldberg sighed, "I don't care, we just like being together!"

    Halfway through the meal, Goldberg, in a reflective mood,
    said.."Listen, you three...Something's been on my mind, and I want to
    tell you about it.....your Momma and I...well, we came to this
    country during the war, penniless, desperate... and in the struggle
    to survive, I'm afraid we never got around to getting married....we
    just knew we loved each other, and after a few years, it didn't seem
    important, so...."

    The three offspring, with a collective gasp, said, "DAD! You mean to say...we're...BASTARDS?"

    "YEAH,..... and CHEAP ones, too!" retorted the old man.