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The Glock 44 Thread

  1. The Glock 44 Thread

  2. My guess is a G19 sized pistol chambered in .22LR.
  3. If it is a true Glock, I will buy one. Umarex....nope.
  4. A tent ???
  5. Over-under switch blade entrenching knife tool.
  6. I don't know what it will be but I'm not expecting anything ground breaking. Time will tell lol.
  7. The G44 will be a G46.

    Happyguy :)
  8. They are going to do a name change so when someone asks me what I carry and I say a G45 they want to know if I shoot 185,200 or 230 and I have to explain it is a Model 45 in 9m/m,not a 45acp.
  9. Glock 44 = .44 Magnum
  10. 40 oz Glock branded beers so that I can tell people I want a “Glock 40” and not have them sneer at me....
  11. AFDA93BA-9610-4569-BECE-24DA9389E508.jpeg
  12. If it's a .22 I'd prefer it to be the size of a 43X. More than likely it will have a 4.2" barrel to be Canadian legal (which will also be fine).
  13. .22lr the size of a P365 or P365 XL would be cool. Or a locked breech .380 the size of the 28.
  14. A .22 would be best as a 48 size IMO.
  15. GLOCK 44 - 44 Automag?
  16. G44S = short barrel G26 size

    G44 = G19 sized

    G44X = G17 sized 4.5” barrel

    G44L = G34 sized 5.25” barrel

    G44XL = G17L sized 6.1” barrel.
  17. What ever it is I’m not buying it until it’s been on the market for at least 6 months.
  18. With RTF2 grip
  19. In 55 minutes we find out what the G44 is!!!!

  20. Hard pass for me if it’s simply a .22LR
  21. If it's not a Glock PCC in 9mm and 10mm that runs off of G17 and G20 mags respectively, it's a flop in my eyes.

    I know the consensus seems to be a .22lr and if it is, I'll be hugely disappointed in Gaston.
  22. Glock carbine please.
  23. How about a PCC in .22LR with more calibers to follow?
  24. Yeah I’d be interested if it’s that size, I always want an LCP in .22lr

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  25. A G48 size .22 pistol.
  26. Watching live...
  27. So far it's just a Gaston love fest...
  28. No tactical turtle neck? I am disappoint.
  29. Dr. Gunter Gigagersomething is speaking and his mic is dead. ****tiest product roll out ever.
  30. Screenshot_20191210-100709_Chrome.jpg
    BOOM!!!! 22LR
  31. Glock .22
  32. G19 sized 22lr confirmed
  33. Meh.
  34. It's the G44 in .22lr, a G19 sized .22.
  35. Mag Capacity
    Standard 10
    Optional 10

    Some option
  36. was hoping for a .44 GAP
  37. Mag capacity too low. Glock fail
  38. Polymer/steel hybrid slide...
  39. Wow, what a major letdown.
    Today you suck Glock!
  40. The Articles of Impeachment had more substance......................
  41. Elon Musk could teach Glock a thing or two about a product roll out...

    Biggest disappointment since the Ford Pinto.
  42. According to the Glock website the new gun weighs 16 inches. Not the best proof reading.
  43. "Legendary"????

    other manufacturers have been doing it for decades....

  44. Well hell I like it. Soon as someone else works out the bugs I will get my kid one and myself one. This is a awesome way to get KIDS into Glock pistols. :p
  45. It looks like my checkbook is going to be safe for a while. I was hoping someone would be introducing a slim polymer frame striker fired 10mm. But the Glock announcement was a 22 and it looks like the S&W announcement is going to be a 9mm EZ version of their shield. Nothing wrong with either gun but not what I was wanting.

    If I didn't already have a S&W 22 compact I might have bought this gun.
  46. And Tatiana Whitlock, one of their "distinguished panelists", just read her lines and actually called it a game-changer. Literally, from a script.

    Some other guy just called it "a breath of fresh air".

    This is enough to steer me away from Glock forever.
  47. G17 or G48 size and I would have been in. Good thing they saved me
    some money.
  48. Curious if the trigger is standard Glock feel and weight or just weird. If it's weird then I have other really nice plinkers with 2 lb triggers that'll get my love instead...

    If it's gonna be a trainer, then make it a trainer.
  49. Well that is a touch sickening, yuk!