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The Glock 43x and 48 Thread.

  1. CGI :eyebrow:

    But seriously, please post a link, I'm having trouble finding the vid.
  2. Am I missing something, I'm not seeing that video...
  3. sorry dont know how to link it showed up in my email.
  4. Awesome. Sootch scores first.

    Please tell me black slide will be available. This gray/white coating is the same coating as the FDE. Not the most durable thing out there.
  5. Post the link
  6. RIP Glock 26 sales. Oops, except the G26 still has a shorter grip. I think I'd prefer the 43X though.
  7. The makers reward those who butt-kiss the hardest.

    Thanks for sharing.
  9. Looks like a Kahr to me.
  10. Answers the question: mags ARE NOT compatible with the G43.

  11. I do not see the videos mentioned when I do to that page. Please post a link.
  12. G48/43X mags are wider so they don't fit in a G43... but they are single stack, so why didn't they make them stagger-stacked like G43 and fit more rounds in them? sure that would have made it 12 rds maybe more
  13. starts off with a 22 second commercial, keep watching
  14. I hope that's not the only option
  15. https://www.full30.com/watch/MDE4NDkz/new-glock-g43x-g48-first-look

    I tend to agree with the gentleman that these larger and thicker lower capacity 9's are going to find a ready market with the Glock enthusiasts who have been clamoring for a larger G43 and/or a slightly thinner, reduced capacity G19. Now they can have both.

    In other words, these models ought to appeal to the CCW folks who aren't necessarily interested in high capacity, but who find shooting the smallest subcompact "single stack" 9's a little unpleasant or difficult due to the short and thin grip frames.

    The wider and longer mags will no doubt appeal to the folks who decried the 6rd mags of the G43, and they might even attract some interest from some Shield 9 owners who wanted 2 more rounds than the 8rd mag option, but didn't want to go the "+" aftermarket route.

    The new bright finish ought to offset the complaints about finish wear.

    Glock has essentially recreated the long-running successful lines of the S&W M3906 & 3913 lines, adding 1 & 2 more rounds to the magazines, and offers a competitive model to the Sig P225. :p
  16. Now I want one
  17. Agreed. It seem odd to me that Glock has so many differences between the models in their product line. Will they start offering other guns with that color slide? What drove the change?

    The only benefit I can imagine it will have is it might show holster wear less, but potentially at the cost of being more reflective (causing glare).

    I think these may have just basically killed the G26 for anyone that doesn't already have a specific affection for them.
  18. Sadly they didn’t put these out with a smooth trigger...
  19. I respectfully disagree. The 26 still gives way more magazine options and is really a little gun that can hold up to 33 rounds and fight like a full-size gun!

    My only regret is that the magazines don’t interchange b/t 43 and 43x!!! Otherwise I think this is a gigantic win!
    Just like Sootch says, G48 is perfect for people who like a G 19 sized gun that only holds 10 rounds and a smaller thinner and lighter so at least when you’re giving up five rounds you get something back for it that’s a plus for those poor people who live in 10 rounds states. And a 43 with P365 fire power that has a better grip like the 19 X is also a plus. The finish is also cool! This is definitely a win for Glock!
  20. Can we have a minute of silence for the G43, now tactically worthless?:crying:Actually the G43 has a tactical advantage for me. I already own one.
  21. im diggin the 43x . first thing i would do is swap the slide from my 43 over to the 43x frame . i dont like the two tone look at all . my only question is why the hell couldnt glock have done this to start with . the 48 i would not buy . it would be great for mag restricted states tho.
  22. Not that interested now. 43 with a bigger grip? The selling point was concelability. I’m sure they will sell. The 48 probably more than the 43X.
  23. Might not be a popular opinion on GT, but I don't think either of these will pull me way from my p365. If I lived in a restricted state, I would pick up a model 48.
  24. makes a person wonder if the 43x is the same size as the 365 with a 12 rd mag , would love to fondle the 43x to see for myself.
  25. Digging the 43x. I like my 43 but always am shooting it with the pinky extension for more control.

    The 43x essentially has the same grip length as a Shield with the 8 round magazine.
  26. I don't see this as a G26 killer. The G26 is more versatile than these models.

    I do agree, that these will be a hit in the CCW market. Since I have neither fired or handled one yet, I will hold off on passing judgement on if they will serve a purpose for me. I have the 42, 43, 26, but just not sure where these will fit in.

  27. I love my Kahr. I hate my Kahr's mags. And even if their mags were made/designed better, they don't hold 10.
  28. The link went wacky ???
  29. I thought the same thing when I first saw the G48. It's roughly the same size as a TP9/CT9. But the Glock holds 10 in the mag, while the Kahr only holds 8.
  30. Darn it! The Glock 43X and 48 magazines do NOT fit in the 43. Too thick.

    AND darn it! Now I want one.
  31. no it was there
  32. I like the 48 but the 43x is no where close to the p365.
  33. Great vids.

    I'll take a 43X in black or coyote, please.
  34. The 43 (and 42) are really the only Glocks suitable for pocket carry for those who want to pocket carry a small Glock (yes I know some people manage to pocket carry the G26).

    The 43X and 48 will make nifty slim belt guns for those of us who don't get too hung up on capacity. For those who carry AIWB some will find the 43X with it's shorter barrel to be the most comfortable. Others will find the 48 to be the perfect fit. It's a win win as far as I am concerned.

    I see a G48 with a slide milled for an RMSc in my near future.

    Edited to add: I have been wanting a 4 inch MP Shield for years. Looks like Glock beat S&W to the punch.

    Happyguy :)
  35. I don't care for the silver color or the relief cut in the 48 slide.

    Other than that, I like the offerings.
  36. Good for Glock. I expect they will sell a truckload of each. I have said that I'm pretty much done buying polymer for the foreseeable future. I still am. I'll stick with my 19/43.
  37. Holding out for a 42X and 49 (.380). lol
  38. Links don't work.
  39. Except it's a Glock. Winner.
  40. Dont like the 2 tone but what the heck do i know. Im sure they will sell semi after semi of them
  41. I disagree. If anything that coating is even worse than the standard black.