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The Glock 28 in photos...

  1. Hi Guys and Gals-
    I attended the Glock 18 Operator's School at Glock HQ in GA a few years ago. After lunch the instructor broke out a G28 so that we could see and shoot it.
    I took a few pics. I thought that perhaps some of your would find them interesting as this gun is seldom seen in the U.S. In no particular order they are posted below FYI.
    I have many pics of the G18 as well intact, field stripped, detail stripped, the underside of the slide etc but I didn't post them as I know that some of you have access to post-sample 18s and have likely posted such pics before.
    Sorry if this is redundant or uninteresting. I'm new to the forum and don't know a lot of what has been posted in the past. I am reading and enjoying older threads though.
    The G28:




  2. Interesting. What's the overall length and height of this thing?
  3. Don't know off hand. The specs would be in any of the Glock Annuals.
  4. So the G28 is to the G25 as the G26 is to the G19?
  5. Correct size wise.
  6. Thanks for the pics . You never see one in the states . They could make them in the USA but probably never will . Not enough demand for them would be my guess and I can understand that . Thanks again ATF for a stupid law that bans this pistol.

    I would love pics of the 18 as well . A pic is as close as I will ever get.
  7. Just curious, what makes this illegal to manufacture and sell in the US.
  8. They could absolutely manufacture in US but they have the 42 so no real point in their view. Really made for countries where civilians can't have military caliber (9mm) guns.

    Issue is importation for civilian sales. Does not need the totally absurd import points criteria of GCA 68.
  9. looks just like my 26
    LOVE IT!
  10. Sorry , I should have said bans it from being imported . It can be made here but does not have enough "points " to meet the stupid law so that it could be imported . The law was designed to cut down on " Saturday Night Specials" , but like most gun laws , it is a stupid law that doesn't address the problem.

    I agree it is built mainly for those countries over seas that don't allow civilians to own military caliber weapons. Not a big demand in the states but I would still like to have one of every model number , just to have .
  11. Interesting they put this on the website if it is supply demand issue.

    In the USA, the G28 .380 AUTO is reserved for law enforcement agencies only.
  12. Thanks for posting the pics, not too often ones gets to see a real 28
  13. Most welcome!
  14. Having never held either in my hand, I won't promise this is 100% accurate, but the 25 is a 19/23 sized frame for the .380 caliber and the 28 is a 26/27 frame. Makes me wonder why no one has imported the slides only since that wouldn't technically be a "firearm."
  15. Or make conversion barrels and magazines to convert 26s to 28s.
  16. I am a collector and understand a burning desire to have a gun to fill a void in a series, but to me the full sized original framed .380 Glock makes no sense. When comparing an identical sized gun, with identical capacity, weight, etc, to a 9mm, I cant see wanting/needing/using a more expensive, less powerful .380. I know that for countries that don't allow 9x19 NATO to be owned by the general populous, .380 has a place - in USA this gun would be a horrible seller even if was released here. Glock currently makes a better offering in .380 here now, the rest is history and makes for a good conversation!
  17. I believe it would sell in the USA because it has a 10 round magazine....
    the 42 only holds 6
    same reason that the 26 continues to sell well .
    because the 43 only holds 6rounds
  18. [​IMG]
    Unusual design on the mag. I've never seen that on any other Glock mags.
  19. Thats 9x17mm, only difference to G26 is 2mm shorter chamber.
  20. Thanks for the photos Mr. Hoarder, I bet that thing shoots like a puppy dog!
  21. Most welcome. Was extremely low recoil. This gun was not that reliable. It's a simple blow back gun. Of course, this was a demo gun so it may have not been cleaned or lubed well.
  22. Right. I see what you mean. Thanks
  23. Interesting. I've not seen many photos myself and no videos at all. Anyone interested in specs, they can be found right on Glocks U.S. website along with the 25. Each with a disclaimer stating availability to law enforcement only.
  24. Cool stuff. If I ever see one I'm going to snag it just because they're so rare here in the US.
  25. Cool pics. :thumbsup:

    Never be shy about posting gun pics around here. You're more likely to get slammed for NOT posting pics.

    You're likelay right about demand, being these guns are the same size as their 9mm counterparts.
  26. Pics posted in a new G18 thread.