"The Genie "

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    As a man is walking home from his day at the office, he decides to stop at his favorite watering hole, for a drink.

    As the man enters the bar, he is stopped by beautiful music. Thinking that it was a little odd, knowing that a piano was never in here before, he takes a moment to look around. In the center of the lounge, there is a small piano with an even smaller man playing it.

    The man chuckles and has a seat in a booth, that was near the source of the music.

    On the table infront of him was an odd looking bottle, with a note tied too the neck.

    The note read "Genie inside, rub for one wish"

    The man looks around, saw that nobody was paying him any mind, quickly took the bottle and began to rub.

    A small whisper of purple smoke slowly exits the top of the bottle.

    -POOF- Sitting across the table from him, a genie had materialized.

    "I am the magic genie of the bottle." he said
    "I can grant you one wish but, one wish only!"
    "So be wise in your selection,for once the wish is granted, I return to the bottle, never to be seen by you again." cried the genie.

    So the man thought his decision over, and exclaimed.

    "I wish for a million bucks!"

    The genie smiled and winked at the man, and began to chant.
    when the chanting reached its end -POOF-

    The lounge had now been filled with one million DUCKS!

    The man in a panic, screams at the genie. "I said one million bucks! Not Ducks!"

    The genie points to his ears and informs him that his hearing is not as good as it was 2000 yrs ago. "I'm sorry" exclaimed the genie as he vanished from sight.

    As the man is trying to figure out what to do with his new found fortune in waterfoul, he feels a tap on the shoulder.

    As he turns around, he is greeted by another gloomy face, of a gentleman who was sitting in the booth next to him.

    "Don't feel bad" says the man sitting next to him.

    "I did'nt want a 9 inch pianist either!"