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The Fuehrer of Los Angeles orders City to shut down water & power to homeowners who throw parties

  1. It seems more and more "little dictators" are rising up in congruence with the communist takeover of the un United States. :(
  2. At first blush that strikes me as highly illegal.

    Any lawyers out there want to comment?
  3. I was thinking the same thing, but what do I know?
  4. So now the mayor is judge, jury and executioner. It's amazing how many ways the democRAT mayors and governors think they can rule citizen's lives.
  5. What if it's a Black Lives Matter party??
  6. Apparently the Mayor thinks there is a law for cutting off utilities from private residences:

    example (50).png

    I'm not a lawyer, but I think I know what law is Fuehrer Garcetti referring to: it's the law he just made up playing basketball on the kangaroo court
  7. When will the good citizens of California Wise up

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  8. Never. Look at the precedent established by Detroit.
  9. California is over critical mass. It is lost.
  10. Among the Democrat mayors and governors, it's a mass race to the bottom to see who can be the most fascist. o_O

  11. What will we do about that?
  12. Great move, cut off water and a/c in the middle of summer!
  13. This will never happen. I think the LAPD told him to go **** himself thinking they would go stick their neck out citing people for throwing a party via the health officer statute. So he went to try and come out with an alternative.

    Even if the LAPD just leaves messages on DWP lines how long do you think it will take for that to happen? It will likely take months to get through the first weekend worth of calls.

    Then there is the unmentioned racial aspect. Sure a white person could probably get their utilities cut with no political consequences. Hispanic or Black residents? BOOM. Race card hits the table.
  14. I lived in Los Angeles and many parts of California until it became a lost cause. at one time, Los Angeles had a Republican mayor, a two party city council, a law-and ordr police chief who was independent of the city council and mayor, and Ronald Reagan was our governor.

    Nce Tom Bradley became mayor, and the city council and the county board of supervisors fell undser one-party rule, an dsJerry Brown became Goverenor for a second time, and Willie Brown put teh entrie state under one-party rule, teh entire stare had gone to Hell in a handbasket.

    Liberalism Kills.

    It kills the spirit, It kills the economy, and it perpetuates dependence and urban decay while the ruling elite remain unaffected.
  15. A well and a generator and you don’t need no stinkin utilities.
  16. Don't all new CA houses have to have solar now?
  17. Wait till that idiot turns off utilities to a house where the resident requires it for medical purposes, and possibly dies. I can see the law suits lining up already!
  18. Yes. To be honest when I bought my house in 2011 I wanted to put it on but my roof was halfway through lifespan so they wouldn't do it.
  19. So before the party, get a generator and a keg of beer.
  20. The mayor is talking about multi million dollar estates that are having hundreds of people show up. If you think those people won't lawyer up so fast it would make your head spin, then you might support Biden for president.
    Bunch of talk with no action I'll guarantee it.
  21. The majority effected would be dem voters. Let's see how well this goes over with them.
  22. How about people that depend on electricity for medical purposes? CPAP, oxygen concentrators, home dialysis etc.. He's a criminal if he orders this and anyone that carries out his orders is an accomplice. He should swing.
  23. If you think he is dumb, have the misfortune to meet his dad or his sister. Just as bad.
    By the time Mayor Gee acts, he will be out office. A big do nothing mayor.

    So imagine this. The mayor gets a call at 11 pm at night (hardly real) and is told that there is a big party going on in the hills. He gets the address and calls his city engineer who is sleeping. The city engineer calls up a field rep and asks him to turn off the water at an address, but the guy needs a police escort to do it safely in the middle of the street in residential neighborhood in the middle of the night.
    This mayor? What a tool!
  24. CPAP user here, you are right!
  25. I would like to see him go through with his threats. That might change the way people vote.