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    How can one conceive of a one party system in a country that has over 200 varieties of cheeses?
    - Charles de Gaulle

    If the French were really intelligent, they'd speak English.
    - Wilfred Sheed

    France was long a despotism tempered by epigrams.
    - Thomas Carlyle

    France is a dog hole, and it no more merits the tread of a man's foot.
    - William Shakespeare, All's Well That Ends Well

    It took no more effort than casting a Frenchman into Hell.
    - Dutch saying

    France is a country where the money falls apart in your hands and you can't tear the toilet paper.
    - Billy Wilder

    I got a cab in Paris. The driver smelled like a guy eating cheese while getting a permanent inside the septic tank of a slaughterhouse.
    - Dennis Miller

    If my theory of relativity is proven successful, Germany will claim me as a German and France will declare that I am a citizen of the world.
    - Albert Einstein

    They are a short, blue-vested people who carry their own onions when cycling abroad, and have a yard which is 3.37 inches longer than other people's.
    - Alan Coren

    The French are sawed-off sissies who eat snails and slugs and cheese that smells like people's feet. Utter cowards who force their own children to drink wine, they gibber like baboons even when you try to speak to them in their own wimpy language.
    - P.J. O'Rourke

    The French write other than they speak, and speak other than they mean.
    - German saying

    The friendship of the French is like their wine, exquisite, but of short duration.
    - German saying

    I suppose life can never get entirely dull to an American, because whenever he can't strike up any other way to put in his time he can always get away with a few years trying to find out who his grandfather was!
    - Paul Bourget, to Mark Twain

    Right, your Excellency! But I reckon a Frenchman's got his little stand-by for a dull time, too; because when all other interests fail he can turn in and see if he can't find out who his father was!
    - Mark Twain, in reply

    A small acquaintance with history shows that all Governments are selfish and the French Governments more selfish than most.
    - Lord Eccles

    Paris is like a whore, from a distance she seems ravishing, you can't wait until you have her in your arms. Five minutes later you feel empty, disgusted with yourself. You feel tricked.
    - Henry Miller

    The ignorance of French society gives one a rough sense of the infinite.
    - Joseph E. Renan

    A fighting Frenchman runs away from even a she-goat.
    - Russian saying

    I do not dislike the French from the vulgar antipathy between neighboring nations, but for their insolent and unfounded airs of superiority.
    - Horace Walpole

    Having to go to war without France is sort of like having to go deer hunting without an accordion.
    - Ross Perot

    She's still trying to dine out on her looks but doesn't have the face for it.
    - John McCain, comparing France to an aging actress of the 1940s

    I assumed the French would be capable of going with us into Iraq so they could be there to instruct the Iraqis on how to surrender.
    - Pete King