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The five

  1. Well, the five was back in the studio last week. The chauvinist in me noticed...no legs.:crying:
  2. No legs worth looking at since Gilfoyle and Tarantula left.
  3. I miss the leg light. G-d bless Roger Ailes.

    Wait, who was Tarantula?

    Andrea Tantaros had decent legs. Then the failed to sing her long term and she ended up suing them.

    I'd like to see Emily Compagno in the leg seat.

    Again, G-d bless Roger Ailes.

  4. If Fox News don’t have hot chicks like they did, what’s the point of watching?
  5. Fox does feature many stunning ladies. Most have a brain too. Not judging anyone, just saying that when you combine beauty with intelligence, the end result is infinitely more appealing than one without the other.

    I think I’m losing tolerance for stupidity in my old age, even if it comes in a nice wrapper.
  6. Thy don’t call it Fox News for nothing.
  7. I always looked forward to seeing Guilfoyle's shoes.
  8. I miss Andrea Tantaros. Hottest chick they had in Fox.
  9. That show really went downhill when Kim left. Sure she was a babe but she's also someone that would be fun to just hang out with. With her on I could tolerate Juan Williams just by hitting the mute button and looking elsewhere with my eyes. Watching/Listening to Juan is like scratching your fingernails on a blackboard. He must have one big friend very high up at FNC. Juan is just plain GRATING.
  10. Laurie Dhue always seemed like she'd be fun to party with. Andrea Tantaros was pretty hot. Although Shannon Bream has her moments...
  11. I think Shannon is amazingly cute/sexy.

    Laurie WAS fun to party with, that's why she ended up in AA and off the air.
  12. Uhhh...Emily Compagno
  13. The girl in the lower right is my type. Although I do have a thing for Dana.

  14. Uhhhh....that is Emily
  15. It was Tantoras or whatever.
  16. Oh thats Tantaros. Got ya, thanks.

    Megyn Kelley has good legs as well.
  17. Rush always called her tarantula.
  18. Ahhhh lol that does sound like him.

  19. [​IMG]
  20. Well some of those gals reminds me of some of these gals... image.jpeg



  21. still have thing for Dana....A bring her home to momma thing!
  22. Lisa Kennedy Katie Pavlich Lisa-Kennedy-Montgomery-Feet-3318561.jpg
  23. 1600659201681.jpg
  24. Uh what is the five??
  25. Lara Logan is pretty hot herself! IMHO! Not on the Five but a Fox News personality!
  26. I'm partial to Maria Bartiromo..
  27. Must be a panel of five people on FoxNews.
  28. I thought FOX News's Heather Nauert brought the best balance of brains and beauty to the audience.

  29. Yeah she was pretty good at her job as well. Last I heard she is dating Dave Navarro, the guitarist from Janes Addicition..........
  30. I pretty much stopped watching the 5 because of Juan Williams. He is the biggest tool there and his perspective and commentary is incredibly narrow. Greg Gutfield and Jessie Watters have some great debates with Juan.
  31. One smart lady which makes her that much more attractive.
  32. Lisa Kennedy Montgomery
    She is very smart and funny as hell
    One with whom U want to hang out.

  33. Unfortunately she was a #Me too! Liberal.
  34. Yeah, I should have been a rocker.
  35. I used to be a daily watcher of the The Five. Dana Perino has always been a fave of mine. Emily Campagno is great too. But Juan is just so intolerable. I just can't do it.
  36. Thanks i thought it was that morning show with all those loud crazy women.
  37. I think Williams has changed and not for the better. Way back I thought he was a step up from Bob Beckel. I don’t know if his politics have gone further left or if Fox told him to present himself that way for the entertainment value. In any event he is now unwatchable and his conservative son must be mad.
  38. I've had a weird thing for her since college and her MTV days.
  39. Yup, nothing wrong with Pavlich! Plus, she's a shooter and outdoors woman as well.

    Du-ZLJWXQActhAE.jpg large.jpg

  40. There is only one answer to this...

  41. I don't watch a lot of tv news, so not familiar with her, but I'll take two.

  42. Yeah become famous like Gene Simmons, launch a cool product like Air Guitar Strings! Not kidding, they come in a empty packet. Brilliant move and people buy them, can't you see them?

  43. b03db5d45290d162c9a06a8b51ceafcf.jpg Gillian Turner
  44. 4:00 pm central time fox network
  45. Only time i have ever seen her smile...generally in TV very stern
  46. Not that I'm aware of after a brief, cursory search. She was the Trump-appointed State Dept. spokeswoman nominee but her appointment stalled when she admitted she'd hired an undocumented worker.

    I really hope she returns to (reputable) TV news or government service because she is the real deal in a total package.
  47. Shannon Bream might be one of the prettiest women I've ever seen, IMHO.
  48. Dumped THE FIVE when Bekel was dumped.