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The Five Freedoms Of Aviation

  1. I thought this was pretty interesting. Those of you who enjoy flight, flying, or are pilots, would likely find this just as interesting as I did.

  2. The US is quite possibly the only country in the world, where someone can hop into their personally owned aircraft, Piper Cub to Gulfstream, and fly anywhere in the country they wish. No government permission required. For the VFR guys, you don't even need to file a flight plan, or let anyone know where you're going. You should, it just lets rescue forces know where to start looking for you.

    The turboprop and jet guys file flight plans, because it's easier to work in the ATC system that way. But no one cares where or why you are going somewhere.
  3. Of course mostly true, just stay out of restricted airspace. We have some around here and I once in awhile hear on Guard (121.5 MHZ) warnings for some dip sheets to stay clear. I do not listen usually as I do not care, but if I am in the tower or TRACON, I have heard the warnings.
  4. Yep.
    Anyone who thinks they can run an airline, knows NOTHING about the airline industry.
  5. I’ve never been granted permission to transit by Giant Killer. Doesn’t matter what the activity is.
  6. Weekends and holidays are great. We usually get to cut through all the NAS Fallon Restricted areas. On rare occasions, I've got to cut through White Sands. There's usually something going on there ALL the time.
  7. Are you talking about the area in NM or the strip all the way up into UT?
  8. The NM area.
  9. Maybe not completely always true. Rumor has it if one flies low enough and far enough around here or perhaps even more in the Keys or in the Ten Thousand Islands area that it is not unheard of to get a fair amount of attention upon landing.
  10. Giant Killer, Sea Lord and Beaver Control are my friends. ;)