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The first rule of having in flight wifi is:

  1. But seriously, I'm on a plane and I expect everyone here to keep me company for the next several hours while I'm on this flight. Not the least of which is I might want to recline my seat or use the bathroom and will need someone to advise if it's ok. And I paid $12.95 for this wifi. So imma get my money's worth.

  2. I hope you have a turbulence free flight GG! :wavey:
  3. Are you actually posting from an airplane?.....knarly.
  4. Put your seat back and take a pic of it! Hopefully on a long haul it's three feet forward of the guy in front of you. Maybe lay that sucker flat?
  5. make sure you stream an HD movie to slow down the bandwidth for everyone else.
  6. I thought WiFi would interfere with the plane's control systems...
  7. If you have someone next to you, half-glance at them annoyingly as if you know they're reading your screen. Bonus points: Sit up, rock up onto one butt check, grip your armrests and grimace for a full five seconds, before going back to your laptop/tablet/cocktail.
  8. The ONE TIME I don't pre load any movies I get the old drop down IFE. :/

    So YALL are my entertainment.
  9. Oh if you pay them $13.95 it doesn't apparently.
  10. To bad you didn't load Airport 75 for the trip. Maybe you can stream it from Amazon.

  11. :rofl:
  12. Yours will. One they can charge you extra for will not.
  13. I recall when "car phones" were a big deal. People always used to shout because the call quality sucked and had to "apologize" because "I'M ON MY CAR PHONE!" Then when handheld cell phones became popular, people again had to "apologize" they were "ON MY CELL PHONE!" Now people are using wifi on planes. It's just another installment of "look at me taking advantage of the latest technology! How cool am I?!!"
  14. Buy a drink for the dude sitting next to you. Find out his GT user name.

  15. He appears to be a very nice Muslim man so I doubt he's a frequent poster here.
  16. I kind of need to pee.

    The seatbelt sign is off and im in the aisle seat. Is it cool to go?
  17. I never pee on or in a plane.

    Just my personal preference.........
  18. I myself would just like to know what kind of airplane you're in:)
  19. Without looking imma guess a 737 it's the most common type of shorthaul plane oit of this airport.

    I did see a dreamliner and I never get tired of seeing the A380.
  20. How about around?
  21. Oh hell yes! I would pee all around a plane!
  23. My first rule would be have a drink.

    Seems to enhance most entertainment experiences.

    Hope this helps. :wavey:
  24. Tell the pilot to keep the shiny side up or you will sue to get your $12 back

  25. He's aware of his surroundings and wants his head closer to your lap.

    And/or he is enticing you to use those long legs of yours to stand up to give him a piece of your mind.

  26. I have wifi in my private plane. If I turn the hotspot on on my phone and fly low enough.
  27. I
    Im way ahead of you friend.
  28. That makes sense - they're using the good WiFi.
  29. Desperate times call for desperate measures...
  30. Ive had one drink. So YALL need to step up your game.
  31. Looks like see can even find some entertainment in your posts. :tongueout:

    ETA; or not. :(
  32. The three worst things to hear in the cockpit:
    The second officer says, "Oh ****!"
    The first officer says, "I have an idea!"
    The captain say, "Hey, watch this!"
  33. The second rule of in-flight wifi:

    Keep the adult browsing classy and tasteful; leave the weird **** for the hotel lobby wifi.
  34. Hmm. So you're saying I shouldn't be on here.
  35. Hey, when I'm not intellectually dominating RI, I can be quite entertaining!

  36. I'll let the minions know to row faster.
  37. If we are your entertainment I am predicting a very long flight.
    How about from a plane?

  38. Thats why I put you in charge?
  39. I'm a certified black-ops Navy SEAL Delta Force operator. Tell him to move that seat back up or he will be dead before the plane lands. I'm that good.

  40. Maybe a good internet fight would spice up this thread?

  41. Oh good! I was hoping someone would!

    Observation about US airlines as opposed to foreign ones:

    On my last trans atlantic journey on lufthansa I was literally being thrown against my seatbelt for a good portion of the flight from Greenland to the UK. Pilot never once turned on the seatbelt sign after getting to altitude.

    An hour into this flight and the pilot has already turned it on three times for the most imperceptible amount of chop.
  42. [​IMG]
  43. Lawsuits.
  44. I really don't think any of us should be on here. :rofl:
  45. First rule of inflight wifi is to text someone and say, "I'm on inflight wifi and you're going to be my entertainment."

  46. Whatever you do..... DON'T LOOK OUT THE WINDOW!!!!

  47. Recognize.
  48. You have to be careful where you do that on an airplane. I've heard the restroom leads to the mile high club or five mile high club or ever how high club you are flying. :winkie:

    p.s. there is usually a card in the seat back that tells one what kind of plane they are on.

  49. Dude, that's just...

  50. Mods are always watching... even on airplane wifi!!!