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The First Marine

  1. When Marine Number One was enlisted in August, he was issued a wool uniform and a thirteen pound musket and told to stand watch at the top of Old Ironsides gangplank until relieved.

    They inlisted Marine Number Two and sent him to relieve Number One.

    Marine Number One passed him the musket and told him to stand watch till he got back.

    Marine Number One came rolling back about 0800.

    Marine Number Two said, "Man you have some rough watches here."

    Marine Number One said," YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN HERE IN THE OLD CORE!"
  2. apples have cores. Marines have Corps....
  3. must have been a typo.
  4. As a freak coinkindink, Old Ironsides is 205 today.

    Wierder coinkidink, we were checking out a church in our area yesterday. It was their 255th anniversary. It was 50 yrs old before Ironsides was even in the water. Amazing.