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The Family that Glocks Together...

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Let me start by saying I'm brimming with pride of my beloved Wife :D!

We went to our local indoor-range yesterday (I spend A LOT of time there when I can....:rolleyes:) and I coached the Wife along as she went through several types of ammo (165 Grain FMJ, 180 Grain FMJ, 135 Grain JHP, 180 Grain JHP), with our home defense Gen 3 G23, and my carry Gen 3 G22.

This is 20 rounds, 180 Grain FMJ at 5 yards with a Gen 3 Glock 23:
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BTW, the neck shot was her first round....she started keeping things in the 8 ring after that...count 'em up fellas, they're all there ;)!

Here she is rocking my carry gun, a Gen 3 Glock 22 fitted out with Tru-Glo TFO's :D!
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Yeah Baby!!! Arms out, thumbs forward, GREAT FORM!!!

And finally, here she is KILLING IT with the Glock 23, 3 Yds, 10 Rnds of 180 Grain JHP :cool:!!!!
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My Wife of 20+ years apparently has no problem handling .40.....;)

Truth be told, she's been shooting Glock 23's for about 19 years or so; she's been shooting this particular Glock 23 for roughly 7-8 years....:cool:

And to be perfectly honest, the Glock 23 is actually hers, even though I borrowed it for a few years as my EDC gun....:rolleyes:

It's all hers now, and we currently use it for home defense.

We, as a family, don't see anything wrong with the .40.....and my Wife is ready for when things go bump in the night, that I can tell you :D :cool:!!!
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Great job getting the wife out and helping keep her skills sharp!

According to many in the general firearms forum, she's lucky that the 40sw didn't just snap her wrists to pieces with how "snappy" the recoil is :supergrin:.

Although I don't shoot my 40sw Glocks nearly as much as I used to, I still am very fond of the round

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Thanks brother :D!'d think from all the folks whining about how "snappy" the .40 is that she'd be traumatized from shooting that round :rolleyes:!

Two strange things occurred: first, she preferred her gun (the 23) over mine (the 22), and second, she ACTUALLY PREFERRED the hotter rounds!!!

I posted this range report yesterday in "The Unfashionable 40 S&W" thread just to show the naysayers wassup ;) :cool:!
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Probably where it belonged all along....;) :rolleyes: :D
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