The Eyes of Texas are Upon You

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    A cowpoke in West Texas was herding longhorn cattle one day when he heard faint music coming from nearby. After hunting about for a time, he discovered the sound was loudest near one particular calf, and was even louder near the calf’s tail. Putting his head close to the calf’s hind end, he heard, “The eyes of Texas are upon you, all the live-long day...”

    Amazed, he tossed the calf over his horse’s back, mounted and rode quickly to his line shack 10 miles away. There he put the calf into his truck and drove 74 miles to Ft. Stockton, where he took the animal to a vet.

    When the vet asked what was going on, the cowpoke told him, and the vet went around behind the calf and gave a listen, too. He agreed he heard “The eyes of Texas are upon you, you cannot get away...” but didn’t seem particularly excited.

    “Man, how can you stand there and not be amazed?”, the cowpoke asked.
    The vet, a third generation Okie, said, “Buddy, I’m a Sooner, and I’ve been listening to ***holes sing the “Eyes of Texas” all my life.”