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The Dispatch Hides Bad News About Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman

Discussion in 'Ohio Glockers' started by KnightOfTheOlde, Nov 3, 2007.

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    The Dispatch Hides Bad News About Columbus Mayor Mike Coleman
    Oct 31, 2007- Submitted By: Matthew Mike Coleman

    Update @ 10:53PM- Patrick Poole over at the American Thinker Blog comments on this story here.

    Recently, I reported that The Columbus Dispatch’s management put the breaks on an article, which was scheduled for publication and was damaging to Mike Coleman’s campaign.

    The article was written by Dispatch reporter Jodi Andes, and I have confirmed that she called the Bill Todd campaign for a quote for the story. She also provided a brief summary of what the article was about. I couldn’t find specific details, and no one at The Dispatch would talk to me, but this article was about the Mayor’s questionable campaign expenditures.

    In addition, The Dispatch allegedly is sitting on another story about Coleman and his various “misdeeds” which, rumor has it, won’t be printed until after the election… if at all. This part of the rumor stinks the most, because they supposedly had this type of dirt on Coleman during the 2006 elections. The Dispatch wouldn’t run it, but apparently they almost had to change their mind because the Toledo Blade was supposedly going to run the story… since the powers that be at the Blade supposedly wanted to clear the field for Ted Strickland in the Democrat primary.

    If true, why wouldn’t The Dispatch run this story in 2006, and why did they stop Jodi Andes’ article? Who knows!? But I have a gut feeling that it all has to do with Mike Coleman’s close relationship with John F. Wolfe, publisher of The Dispatch.

    John Wolfe rarely donates to politicians, but he and his family has donated to Mike Coleman:

    John F Wolfe - 7/12/2007 - $500.00
    Ann Islay Wolfe - 7/12/2007 - $500.00
    Rita Wolfe - 7/27/2007 - $2,000.00
    John F. Wolfe - 1/09/2006 - $5,000.00

    It is commonly understood that The Dispatch, just like most of the dinosaur print media, is losing money. However, Wolfe Enterprises Inc. also is a local investor in Skybus airlines, the new Columbus Clippers baseball stadium, and Nationwide arena. Wolfe Enterprises is also a principal minority owner in the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team.

    And guess what? Wolfe’s friend, Mike Coleman, in his official capacity as Mayor of Columbus and while on City Council, has gone out of his way to help Wolfe’s interests. And, as you can see, it helps to know Mike!…