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The Democrats have a real problem...

  1. ... and they are finally starting to catch on.

    They have no viable candidate. Unless something happens out of nowhere, they are probably looking at a contested convention. Coming out of that, one faction or another is going to be pissed off, and the candidate is going down in flames. Let’s have a look.

    Warren is unelectable due to her extreme positions. Everybody but her, Sanders, and the Squad seem to realize this.

    Sanders is a more extreme, more shouty, more male Warren. Zero chance of nomination, or in the general.

    Joe Biden is a doddering old man with a sketchy record who is corrupt AF, and stupid enough to brag about it. He is dropping like a stone.

    Pete B has zero support among blacks, partially because he is gay. He can’t get the nomination, and if he did most black voters will just stay home.

    Everybody hates Bloomberg for one reason or another depending on their identity.

    ... and I highly doubt Hillary is being pressured by ANYONE to run again, except for Bill who wants some more interns.

    Nobody else even registers anymore.

    If the Dems were smart, they would nominate Gabbard, who is moderate enough to get elected, not gay, not senile, and not Hillary. But they aren’t smart enough to do that.

    So, short of a major unforeseen event, or irrational anti-Trumper Repubs being stupid enough to let a Dem into office by not turning out... things look good for Trump.
  2. very interesting analysis .... I think Bernie can win a convention, but he's stupid enough to make a deal ....
  3. Yup, the Democrats have a real problem....

    His name is Donald Trump.
  4. Your analysis of the D candidates is accurate, but.............

    1. Don't forget about Kamala. She hasn't gotten much attention lately, but she is still in the race, and she is positioning herself as less extreme than Bernie and Warren.

    2. If there is a contested convention, they could nominate somebody who isn't running as a "compromise candidate." For example, Michelle Obama, Al Gore (remember him?), some D governor/senator, etc.

    3. Demographics are destiny. We can't afford to get complacent and assume the 2020 election is in the bag. Trump won several states by very narrow margins.

    For example, Trump won Florida by 113,000 votes. Since then, lots of immigrants in Florida have become citizens, lots of teenagers have turned 18 and can vote now, and many elderly Trump voters have passed away. And that's not even counting the 1.5 million convicted felons who are now able to vote. With 1.5 million felons having their voting rights restored, that 113,000 vote margin from 2016 seems quite narrow.

    Trump won Arizona by just 91,000 votes.

    Some of the Midwestern states were even closer. Trump won Pennsylvania by 44,300 votes. He won Michigan by 10,700 votes. He won Wisconsin by 22,750 votes.

    These are tiny margins. And that was back in 2016. Since then, as I mentioned above, lots of immigrants have become citizens, lots of teens are now old enough to vote, and a significant number of elderly Trump voters have passed away.

    The Democrats are hoping that the demographic change alone will win them the election, even if they run a very weak candidate.

    My personal view is that if we don't get complacent, and if we work hard, Trump will win a second term.
  5. And if they would vote for Hillary, they would vote for any one with a (D) behind their name.
  6. If we come out we will win . and we will, they will say we stole it or who knows what. If they win this time America is sunk .
  7. Maybe some actor will save the party. I'm hoping they never are attractive again..........good chance of that
  8. Yep......and, DJT won't get reelected because the D's don't have a worthwhile candidate......he will get reelected because he's earning the trust of the people he represents, his performance, and because he's shown that he actually puts the country above his own personal interests.

    And......if he gets the house, keeps the senate.....we will likely see a Trumpnado, like we haven't seen yet! :flag:

    MAGA, KAG, DTS.....:dancingbanana:
  9. Don't forget about the changing Black vote......there is plenty of pro-Trump, pro R, pro-conservative opposition among themselves, to the usual rubber stamp of the D vote. Many Blacks are definitely re-thinking their voting habits.

    I think you could assume the Hispanic vote is changing for the better, too.....:flag:

  10. CNN's Toobin just said the same thing. The Dems have a problem.
    AOC admitted that they cannot beat Trump.
    So looking good for us and bad for Dems.
  11. Thing is, even if Trump wins in 2020, which I believe he will, in a close election just like '16, so long as 1. we all turn out to vote for him, and 2. he is still alive in Nov. 2020, where do we go post- Trump in '24? Demographics are going to sound the death knell for the GOP as far as Presidential elections are concerned. It will do the same to many Senate & House elections. We are focusing on the next 5 years, which is important, but after that, come 2025, it is over.

    What is the plan then?
  12. Boogaloo?

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  13. ^^^ I see that as more of a problem for Democrats than for Republicans. I see a repeat of 1988. People will look back at the last 8 years and think things were pretty good. And the Democrats? What's their slogan going to be - "Let's try socialism, it worked for Venezuela"?
  14. Kamala has one big weakness that never gets talked about by the other candidates in the primary. She got her start in politics by having a sexual relationship with Willie Brown, speaker of the California assembly and later mayor of San Francisco. Harris was much better looking and half his age when this started. He appointed her to a couple of state commissions and much more importantly introduced her to the political power brokers in California and showed her the ropes of being a politician. When she ran for public office he became a liability and she dropped him like a hot potato.

    While a lot of people in the Democratic party love the idea of electing the first woman president they are less enthusiastic about electing one that slept her way into power. My Hillary loving, democrat voting, long time Bay area resident sister has told me she will vote third party or even Trump(gasp!) if Harris became the Democratic nominee.

    Suggesting a woman, any woman ever, used sex as a tool for personal advancement would be suicide in the Democratic primary. But Trump would have a field day with it. He probably has a bunch of Tweets ready to go. While Democrats may want to pretend that no woman has ever used use sex as a tool most people know better even if they do not say so out loud. And other women seem to get much more upset by this then men do. California is going to vote for whoever the Democrats nominate so my sister's vote doesn't matter. But in a lot of swing states this issue will make a difference.

    When I was in high school Lysistrata was on the reading list if you were on the college path and took classical literature. Which was surprising given the R rated content. I bet it is banned on liberal college campuses these days. While it had a pacifist tone its portrayal of ancient Greek women was not as flattering as modern feminists require. Better to ban a classic 2400 year old comedy than risk being politically incorrect.
  15. Nah. Their real problem is the extreme Left.

    Smart Dems are looking forward to setup 2024.
    Their let the extreme Left define who they are.
  16. Bigbluefish presents a good analysis as well.

    One of the things that impressed me about Mr. Reagan was his willingness to work on behalf of other candidates. It translated into him having a basis in his party to bring support from different factions and geographical areas. He lost the Party nomination to Mr. Goldwater. Nonetheless, he campaigned on behalf of Mr. Goldwater and other candidates for office. I call this "toiling in the trenches", doing the spadework to build a coalition.

    I provide a stark contrast. Mrs. Clinton has not campaigned for any Democratic candidate (to my knowledge) within the last two years and cannot stop coming up with public pronouncements of the latest reason for her defeat. I don't understand that any of the other Democratic candidates did anything on behalf on other candidates for office.

    Of course, what I call civility, consensus building and reaching out will be described as bootlicking by the next guy.
  17. the dems know they dont have a shot, hence why they are using methods like impeachment-fbi collusion conspiracy investigations etc to inflict as much damage as they can because they cant offer america anything with a booming economy and people fat and happy
  18. The American people are the ones with a Politician problem wether it be dem or repub!!
  19. This is the entire reason for this impeachment charade. Their only chance in 2020 is to try to cripple the President. It's sad and patheric. I don't get how any sane rational person can vote Democrat right now.
  20. I hope and pray the President Trump is re-elected.
    I could not wait to turn 18 so I could vote for Ronald Reagan and I think President Trump is every bit as good as President Reagan, maybe better.

    But, please don't get lulled into a sense of complacency. Let us keep the momentum.

    Show your support. I have met a number of people who are Trump supporters but are apprehensive to show it. The more we are consolidated, the more comfortable people will be and the public perception and momentum should increase. Flags, hats, stickers, signs; Let us flood the world with visual manifestation of our support.

    And, ABSOLUTELY, TURN OUT TO VOTE!!! Do not assume that your friend, brother, sister, neighbor, or co-worker, will carry it for you. The dems are pulling out all of the underhanded stops for votes. We have to do it the honest way, with legitimate numbers, the will of the people.

    Re-elect President Trump!!! Keep America Great!!!
  21. That's a whole different thread and, you're right, a big problem for Republicans.

    That's the kind of thread that will get @powernoodle bleating "chicken little" over and over again like some kind of demented sheep.

    The mid-to-long term prognosis for this country is, "we're screwed." It's only a matter of how long we have left, what they breakdown looks like, and what's going to kick it off.

    My bet is on Democratic leadership of the White House and Congress plus some big natural disaster or pandemic that makes people scared and uncertain for their future.

    That said, in the short term, Nikki Haley could be a possibility for 2024. She's certainly been focused on buffing her resume. It really depends how effective the Dems are in their quest to flip Texas between now and then. Once Texas flips for good, it's over.
  22. That’s my thinking, as well. The Dems have gotten in bed with the far left and now they have an incurable STD, in my estimation.

    You have to give Trump credit, though. He’s not spineless like most Rs. Look at how most Rs respond to heat from the media, they shrivel. Romney giving up after the 2nd debate comes to mind.

  23. Unfortunately, that's just wishful thinking. It simply isn't true. It's a fantasy.

    Since the 1950s, conservatives have been telling themselves "Black people are re-thinking their voting habits."

    It isn't happening.

    The GOP has spent decades trying to win over minorities, with negligible success.

    They might not vote Dem if they don't like the candidate, but they certainly aren't going to vote for Trump in any meaningful numbers.

    And if you are thinking "but the economy is BOOMING!", as I've mentioned before, most of those new jobs are bottom of the barrel, minimum wage type jobs.

    Nobody is going to say "I'm definitely going to vote for Trump now, because his economic policies got me a $10/hr job stocking shelves at the Amazon warehouse! I'm sooo grateful!!!"

    It's just not going to happen.

    If Trump wins reelection, it will be because white people voted for him.

    This is a fantasy too.

    Since Reagan's amnesty in the 1980s, the GOP has been telling conservatives "don't worry! Hispanics are natural conservatives! They'll all start voting R any minute now!"

    We see how that worked out in California. :animlol:
  24. In my retail job, I’ve met quite a few blue collar workin’ man blacks who are Trump supporters.
  26. I've dropped this one before:

    What if Michelle enters the race?
  27. Will be 70 when he gets back in office on the second run...So just play it now year by year.2024 2028 who cares...

    to those that are 30 or 40 they have the real share if they make old age.But the way i see things they won't it will be so f'ed by that time they will all be gone and buried also. Is that Sad or what. THAT IS LIFE. 0a135388d1d80ff4aa5a13982f8e4525.jpg
    Enjoy everyday that is all you will ever have.
  28. Just make sure you flush
  29. Why did you have to go ahead and tell them to nominate Gabbard? You DO know they have their spies here...

    No, they should nominate Dingy Harry. Yeah, that's who they need to nominate.
  30. I have something AOC can beat on!
  31. Its all theater. I remember the smile on Mccains face when he lost to Obama. He was paid to lose. Like WWF, the winner is known before the match. And like WWF, they trash talk and act like enemies. Neither side cares about the people.

    I think many will be sitting this election out.
  32. Never happen.

    She has zero desire to leave her life of wealth, privilege, and (in her mind) universal adoration, for a political position where she'll be under constant attack.

    She's not Hillary, she doesn't care about power. She also doesn't care about "making a difference." She sat on her hands for 8 years so they could enter the WH as an upper middle class couple, and leave it as centi-millionaires. Now she just wants to enjoy the fruits of their abuse of the system, and throw an occasional twitter post in edgewise, just so people tell her how amazing she is.

    She is most definitely never going to run. Same reason Oprah has zero interest. It's far more fun to sit in the peanut gallery on your mountain of money and snipe at the people trying to do the job, than it is to try and do it yourself.
  33. If we are complacent the Democrats will win. They simply have more people in raw numbers. They won't vote for us, and we won't vote for them, and essentially it all comes down to who gets more people to show up somewhere on one day every 2 years.

    Additionally, they have a real willingness to knock on doors, take to the streets, and drive others to polling places on election day. Their message is "Here's yours, the other guy is picking up the tab", and then they take those people to go vote and help them apply for loans.

    We overall tend to send checks instead of actively participating in campaigns, tell the younger demographic to toughen up, and generally tell people "pay your own way", but most of us don't show up to drive the people to go vote who are living in the charity homes we donate to, or donate time to show absolute stranger young people how to manage their money.

    Our message is better, but we're lazy in the relative practical sense. So, barring messaging and acts, it comes down to who can move more people en masse.

  34. This guy gets it. :cheers:
  35. Kamala is polling at 1% in NH.
    She says she's not running, and I actually believe her. There is zero indication that she is mobilizing any kind of campaign or raising money.
    Turnout is key. Lack of turnout for Hillary is what lost her the WH, and that was due to lack of enthusiasm. I really don't see the left getting unified and enthusiastic for any of the current potential nominees. I would predict that more Democrats stay home in 2020 than they did in 2016.
  36. Everyone who can think clearly is wondering about Tulsi Gabbard. HOWEVER, the dems would rather lose the election than put up someone who is not part of the TEAM.

    Mayor Pete will be the nominee. He is the least bad of the team that is running.
  37. I hope you are correct. However, I know that in 2016 at least, I wasn't really voting for Trump as much as I was voting against Hillary. There may be a similar dynamic working against Trump (Anyone but Trump! so to speak) this time around. Given how he's been publicly lambasted pretty much constantly since before he was sworn in, there are a lot of people who hate him passionately, who don't even know why they hate him.
  38. I think that also, however, I have a liberal family member or 2, the sole reason they are voting Democrat is because they hate Trump, for no legitimate reason as they don't follow any news except facebook and what over those other forms of media might be. I happen to listen to both sides, not just the conservative side, as I prefer to know my enemy!
  39. Next November is still along ways off. They will do everything they can to ruin the economy and spread all sorts of propaganda before then.
  40. I wish I could, and that is something I will never understand. The Latins I have worked with over the years are traditional, conservative, religious, the quintessential blue collar worker (and that is not racist, as we were all literally blue collar workers at the time).

    When the subject gets to politics, they are unequivocally Democrat to a man and woman. When I try to discuss why they should support the Republican party, they look at me with abject horror, and say that is why we are here, and not back in Mexico, or Guatemala, or Panama. We left that, and the Democratic Party is the one who is the exact opposite of the rich families that owned everything.

    I have tried and tried to explain to them the DNC is exactly what they left, but they refuse to even consider it.

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
  41. you’re not the boss of me
  42. Blue collar workers (of all races) aren't exactly flocking to the polls to vote for free trade, outsourcing, Forever Wars and tax cuts for billionaires and multinational corporations. Who could possibly have predicted that????

    Don't those dumb peasants realize that the wealth trickles down? Huge tax cuts for billionaires benefit everyone!! I know that, because Milton Friedman says so. I read it in an article on American Thinker. Anyone who disagrees with me is a Hillary supporting socialist.

    I know what will really get those blue collar workers fired up for the GOP!

    Let's privatize Social Security and implement a lifetime $ cap for MediCare benefits! These clever free market solutions will really get those blue collar workers excited to vote GOP! :animlol:

    Also, let's invade Iran! Those blue collar workers will be so excited to send their kids to die or get maimed in a new and glorious phase of the Middle East Forever War! Those blue collar workers will be sure to vote for a platform like this!

    African-Americans and Hispanics mostly vote in their own ethnic interest, as a bloc.

    There's nothing wrong with that; they are voting the way they feel benefits their ethnic group as a whole.

    White people should start doing the same.

    That's why Trump has been so successful. He is the first politician in many decades to (more or less) openly say "hey white people! I care about your interests!"

    That's why Trump won mostly white, blue collar states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, etc. He also almost won Minnesota.
  43. complacency is a disease. that and stupid independents and common Democrat thinking workers. thats what took out Gov. Walker in Wisconsin, he had our state out of the mud and working again. but Main Stream Media told the clueless that we needed a Change and Democrats could bring us that change. Morons!
  44. There are several reasons why most minorites vote D:

    1. They view white people as oppressors/their enemy, due to decades of leftist propoganda telling them to hate white people. Since the Democrats are anti-white, a lot of minorites vote Dem, because they feel that anything that is bad for white people must be good for minorities. Again, this is due to decades of leftist anti-white propoganda.

    2. Most ethnic minorites tend to be lower income, and lower income people benefit from Big Government assistance such as housing grants/Section 8, food stamps and EBT, Medicaid, disability payments for family members who aren't working, etc.

    3. As Mitt Romney pointed out in 2012, almost half of Americans don't actually pay taxes. Someone who doesn't pay taxes doesn't give a sh*t about tax cuts.

    4. The benefits of the "booming economy" aren't experienced or enjoyed by a lot of minorites, who still live in poverty. A bunch of new minimum wage jobs available at the Amazon warehouse stocking shelves is hardly something to celebrate with fireworks and BBQ. For them, the economy isn't booming. They are stuck with the same bottom of the barrel minimum wage jobs. That's what a lot of "fiscal conservatives" don't understand. Minorities want good jobs, not sh*t jobs that pay minimum wage, while CEOs make millions.

    5. In the case of the middle class Hispanics who own businesses, they still have an ethnic bond with the illegal immigrants, and they care more about ethnic loyalty than tax cuts (shocking, I know! Who could possibly put ethnic loyalty before a bigger tax refund! It's downright crazy!:rolleyes:)

    6. Many minorites believe that Republicans don't care about poor people.

    7. Many minorites feel that the Republicans encourage the police to be mean to them. Regardless of whether that's true, that's what they perceive.

    To be clear, I'm not saying that the above reasons are factually true or accurate.

    But you asked why most minorites are hardcore Democrats, so I have attempted to summarize their beliefs.
  45. some of my children have married into Hispanic families. they were very happy early on to find out their future families were not only conservative, expected that, but also Republican voters. they are big believers of Self Determination, they decide their own future, and all doing quite well. i am hoping they are the voice of the future Hispanic Republicans.
  46. The most electable Democrat is Tulsi Gabbard. I say this because she is pro union, pro military, not a far left wing bat and she is Hot. The voters who elect the President are the emotional 1/3 who are persuaded by image and feel good BS. I feel Gabbard could best motivate the swing voters.
  47. Very well said, and a great analysis of why Latins vote blue, when it is actually against their best interests. It is all perception.

    Again, for all of you who do not know, Latins find 'Hispanic', as a racist term. Hispaniola is a Spanish demography, to denote those of Spanish linage, and judge the individual as merit worthy, based on the amount of pure Spanish blood that flows through their veins.

    The Aztec, Mezo, Miskito, Aztec, cultures, are ignored, are not worth signifying as authentic, are not worthy of acknowledgement.

    In the real world, that we pinchy wheros live in, they are, and are people to be respected, and admired.

    Some of my best friends of the past 30 years fall in this category. Love ya, bros.
  48. The extreme and messed up Democrat Party has a **racist** power struggle going on in their Party among the old white candidates and the younger black progressive ones. At some point in the near future (5-10 years), when the Democrat Party deceives and suckers enough minority voters, most of the white Democrat leadership will be thrown under the bus, as they are not needed anymore. Most all of the black Democrat Party politicians today have a very subtle black militant undertone to them and are closet Louis Farakahnn disciples that crave power so they can steal the money of white people, and further their radical Muslim cause here in the good old USA. The reality is, we are in a major spiritual battle in our country today.That is clear as day and really undebatable.