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The Deacon and the Preacher

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by okie, May 6, 2009.

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    There once was this deacon and this preacher, and they had been real good
    friends for a long time. Well one day the deacon got sick and was put in the
    hospital, so the preacher decided to go and see his old friend. When he walked
    into the hospital room, the preacher noticed all the hoses and stuff they had
    going into the deacon. The preacher walked over and kneeled by the bed and
    asked, ''How ya doing?'' The deacon motioned at a pad and pen on the nightstand.
    ''You want that?'' the preacher asked him, and the deacon nodded his head yes.
    So the preacher handed his friend the pad and pen and the deacon began to write.
    All of a sudden the deacon died. At his funeral, the preacher was asked to
    deliver the service. ''He was a good man and I'll never forget him,'' the
    preacher said, ''I was with him when he died and as a matter of fact I have his
    last thought in my coat pocket here.'' The preacher reaches into his pocket and
    pulls out the paper. ''Please, get up! You're kneeling on my oxygen hose!''