The Cult of Zero

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    Ayn Rand said it much better than I ever could.

    So much of the environmental movement is immersed in self loathing and hatred for their own species. I've often said the climate change crowd is really the anti-human being crowd or the anti-civilization crowd. Anti-tribalism is rampant in so much of what they write say and, sadly now, actually do::wow:
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    Agreed. In fact, Progressives in general are a death cult.

    Abortion for the young. Assisted suicide for the depressed. Euthanasia for the sick. Etc.

    Death in many forms for the innocent, but no capital punishment for those who murder, no matter how heinous the crime.

    Liberals view other people as dangerous incompetents who need to be carefully controlled at best, or eliminated in the end. You can't name a single Communist system, from Stalin to Mao to Castro to Pol Pot, that has not eventually resulted in killing fields.

    In short, Liberalism hates life and worships death.

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