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The Commonwealth has fallen—Virginia is no more

  1. The People's Republic of Virginia has overtaken the Commonwealth—a sad, sad day for gun owners and people who like babies. Governor Blackface and his cohorts will gerrymander the hell out of Virginia, so don't expect the Commonwealth to emerge from the darkness any time soon.

    Way, WAY too many uncontested seats, too. I fully appreciate incumbency advantage and don't expect the GOP to dump millions into so-called safe-seats; but damn, toss a token Republican on the ticket as a lottery ticket. Democrats have been doing that for years. Surely there are some veterans in these strongholds that could get the requisite signatures.

    Poorly played all around. Northern Virginia liberals have been moving further and further out into the burbs and changing the political map...uncontested.

    Bury the mags, boys, because Blackface doesn't need to convene a special session now. He has a "mandate."
  2. Virginia was long gone before this election.
  3. New era, new rules. Invasions are no longer armies storming beaches. Invasions are unarmed refugees and Marxists stealing elections.
  4. At the federal level, sure...but at least had a razor-thin margin at the state level, so gun owners could live in peace. It's open season now.

    I know the NRA is always trying to scare up the vote, but anyone who thinks gun control isn't the #1 issue these clowns are going to "address" is fooling themselves. The NRA was right this time.

    This will give their "movement" major momentum...national implications.
  5. I turned all mine in. Make America Safe Again.
  6. Another state has fallen to the Californication of America. Welcome to the club.
  7. Damnyankee carpetbaggers have been invading and occupying Virginia for over 150 years, and it's getting worse.
  8. Didn't Dems redraw districts in VA?
  9. The last cycle? The courts did! (And, of course, I believe it was one of Barry's clowns.)
  10. ...from WaPo (sounds true, but who knows):

    A panel of judges from the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia ruled last June that 11 districts had been racially gerrymandered to concentrate black voters and ordered a new map.

    Most of the affected districts are in the Hampton Roads and Richmond areas; redrawing those lines alters several surrounding districts.

    Because the Republican-controlled General Assembly and Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam couldn’t agree last fall on how to redraw the lines, the judges selected a California professor as “special master” to devise a plan. Late Tuesday, the judges said they had chosen a combination of maps from the special master’s plan.
  11. So, gerrymandering from leftists. No surprise there. There isn't a single concept of a free nation they won't **** all over in order to gain power.
  12. ...from the same "article" about this master plan, which did, in fact, materialize...dude lost:

    Del. Chris Jones (R-Suffolk), the powerful chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, would also wind up in a majority-Democratic district, shifting more than 27 points to the left, according to VPAP.
  13. Honestly, I am okay with gerrymandering; those are the spoils of legislative war. I am not, however, okay with liberal judges bringing in commies from Kaliforniastan and deciding which electoral map should be used in upcoming elections.
  14. We didnt just lose we lost big. We went from having a 17 seat majority to at least a 6 seat minority in just a couple years. Looks like overall there were more republican votes then Democrat votes but that didn't matter. In 2 years Virginia will be a close cousin to California and New York.

    I've lived here my whole life and am truly disgusted by what has become.

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  15. A professor from California. VA never stood a chance.
  16. If you can't win, change the rules. It's the only way Dems win. I bet VA will have ballot harvesting for 2020.
  17. Democrats also win when Republican voters stay home because the Republican candidate isn't perfect on every issue.
  18. True. Meanwhile, Dems will vote for anyone with or without a pulse as long as they have a D next to their name.
  19. Take it from a former Illinoisan, that no matter how long you've lived somewhere, when it turns into a commie dictatorship moving to a free state is a pleasure. From the sounds of things y'all have a couple years to either hunker down and get used to living behind enemy lines or move somewhere that respects your rights as a free man.

    Good luck on whatever course of action y'all decide on.

  20. The fix is in. Trump loses in 2020 and we go back to the new normal.
  21. A new power is rising.
  22. Not saying that I wont move but states are dropping like flies. Even if a few of them hold out the others will take them down via federal laws. Virginia has been at the leading edge of freedom in 2 major wars on American soil and now they've fallen to statists.

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  23. NC will be falling next.
  24. If conservatives are looking for a solid pro-gun state, I suggest Arkansas. Big population centers are the key to the leftards taking over a state and AR doesn't have any unless you count Little Rock. Fayetteville is a hotbed of lefties because of the college there but overall AR looks like a good haven for conservatives. If the weather down by Louisiana is too harsh, consider NW AR, up by Rogers or Bella Vista. Plenty of smaller towns or rural real estate available and people there like their guns, won't take nicely to some damn' carpetbaggers bringing gun control BS with 'em.

  25. I give it about a day before Monument Ave (and pretty much every CSA monument in the state) come down...kiss mags with more than 10 rounds goodbye and welcome your abortion on demand up until 10 mins after birth. Probably make it child abuse to tell your kids there are only two genders too.
  26. I'll say it: I'm not upset in the least.

    This is precisely the kick in the ass that gun owners have needed to get off of their lethargic, whining asses. How many people who are complaining about this have actually gone to the local state house to talk to their representatives about gun rights? How many of them show up at committee hearings to oppose bad legislation (and to support good legislation)? How many of them write letters to the editor? The "Trump Slump" was and continues to be very real, and our political opponents are licking their chops.

    Yes, I suspect there's a few people here that are politically active, but there are lots that aren't. Look at the sheer numbers alone: Virginia has approximately 2.5 million gun owners. How many of them didn't vote today? More than a few, I'm guessing, based on the outcome.

    Michael Bloomberg has been pouring millions of dollars into this election. He has an army of paid shills that will do his bidding, for little more than a feeling of actual agency and empowerment in the world: the dopamine rush that really fuels Moms Demand Action and every other shill organization that he owns. There's only one way to combat this: real grassroots organization. Shoe leather in the halls of our state legislatures, county and municipal governments. Stand and be heard.

    A quick story, and I'll get off my soapbox. Earlier this year we had some red flag legislation being tossed around in the Louisiana legislature. It was going to a particularly important senate committee meeting, and the Moms were there with an impressive showing of about a dozen people -- pretty good for such a Deep South red state. In contrast, the NRA had one token representative.

    A small pro-2A grassroots organization in New Orleans had over seventy people in attendance. SEVENTY. We packed the room, and it became absolutely clear that this legislation was going nowhere that day. That didn't happen because of social media or slick flyers; it happened because people got on the phone and encouraged their friends to come out. They organized carpools and did the hard work of getting warm bodies to the legislature.

    None of us were bought and paid for by a New York billionaire. We didn't have fancy T shirts designed by a big city advertising agency. What we did have was everyday people standing up and saying NO, and it was heard with resounding clarity; that legislation died on the vine that day.

    Get out and organize, people. I know the NRA is a dumpster fire right now, but there are good pro-2A organizations in every state in the union that desperately need your help. Yes, once in a while it'll mean taking a vacation day to go to your state legislature, but isn't freedom worth a bit of inconvenience?

    Please, use Virginia as a wake-up call. We've fought these battles against Democratic legislatures before and we'll have to do it again, but those battles can only be fought when gun owners actually show up.

    And a warm thank you to those that are already politically active. Please, don't stop fighting.

  27. When the Left takes over the country your haven gets a million welfare cheats imported from Somalia and Pakistan. There is nowhere to run to, no sanctuary that can't be destroyed by "hope and change".
  28. They've taken the state legislature. F***.
  29. Texas falls in 2020.
  30. I’ve never been more ashamed to be a Virginian.

  31. I am afraid that Georgia will soon go D, too.

    The demographics are changing drastically.

    And almost all the immigrants are voting D.

    The Democrats started planning for this decades ago, by building Hartsfeld Jackson Airport in Atlanta, and the Research Triangle Park in NC. They deliberately intended to flood these states with D voting newcomers.

  32. And it will get even worse with all the 25,000+ Amazon employees who will be moving in and voting D.

    But hey, at least we will have the "great economic growth" and "lots of great new jobs" that the RINOs care about so much.
  33. And good eating establishments, leftists/hippies do good food generally speaking.

  34. Yeah there were more Republican votes.

    According to WaPo:

    "So far 821,269 Democratic votes, 858,971 Republican votes and 55,184 votes for other candidates have been counted statewide for all House of Delegates races."

    Unfortunately the Democrat gerrymandering worked.

  35. I'm seriously considering moving to West Virginia. At least WV will remain free for a few more years, until the Democrats overrun WV too.

    The main thing keeping me from moving the WV is job opportunities. There are lots of job opportunities in VA. I'm not sure what's available in WV.

  36. Don't give up hope yet.

    The one thing in our favor is that the Democrats have a weak field.

    For some reason, they are ignoring their strongest candidate (Kamala), and supporting Creepy Joe, Marxist Bernie, Pocahontas Warren, and the homosexual mayor guy.

    I don't know why they are ignoring Kamala, but it's good for us.

  37. Thanks! I will take a look at Arkansas!

    That would be a big move for me though.

  38. This guy gets it.

    Demographics are destiny.
  39. Virginia's about to become less of an American state than it was in 1862 it seems.
  40. Sad. -The word of the day.
  41. A fact you celebrated in another thread, the one where the mother was transitioning her 7 year old son. You said it was all okay, nature taking its course, if the child wants it, why not? Then I asked you what the difference was between that and pedophilia(if the child wants it), a question you never answered.
  42. As goes Virginia, so goes America. Just gonna take a little longer.

    The public education system is churning out progressives like a pez machine.
  43. washington dc should annex in northern VA, you have to wipe the deep state off your shoes up that way ...southern VA is like a different planet in comparison
  44. :goodpost:
  45. Climate in NW AR is like MO. Sometimes big moves are the best ones, allows a cleaner break with the past. Idaho and Montana are also states I would look at.

    Big thing is that the wave of "change" requires big cities that lefties will feel comfortable in, because the upper middle class leftards are the real weapon that the progs use to take a state. So, for example, IL is a largely rural state filled with good people who are mostly pro-gun. But Chicago lefties run the show. Same sort of deal in NY state, and I can see signs of this BS taking hold in TX and OK at some point. Problem is the big cities, they get filled with progressive carpet-baggers and those ****ers are like the ever-ready bunny of politics.

    PS Small towns filled with "bitter clingers", lots of churches, and open carry are like Kryptonite to liberals. Anywhere the locals feel comfortable displaying the Stars 'n Bars or a MAGA hat is a good sign that leftards ain't in control. If you feel comfortable in that surrounding, its something worth considering. As soon as you start seeing things that attract upper-middle class limo-liberals, there's trouble on the horizon.
  46. Sure we could all retreat down to Arkansas but then what? Just sit there and wait them out? You'll he surrounded by leftist states and the whole country will turn blue.

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  47. That is a valid point, but consider that you will be living in a place where you have to put up with:
    1. universal background checks (back door registration)
    2. a ban on "assault weapons" (modern style firearms), standard-capacity magazines, etc.
    3. one-handgun-a-month law
    4. require lost and stolen firearms be reported to police within 24 hours (cuts down on "boating accidents" which is why they always push that one with the UBC)
    5. no preemption of BS local ordinances that pop up when leftards take a local city council and get frisky
    6. "safe storage" laws that will make you lock up your safety
    7. "Red Flag" laws that make your 2A rights into privileges

    Like I said, if gunowners want to stay behind enemy lines with all that entails, I really do wish 'em good luck and hope their lives don't turn into hell under the leftards. For me, IL's increasingly draconian approach to gun rights forced me to look outside the state and when I found a gig that would pay the bills, I left. My blood pressure went down - a lot - and my remaining time on this earth is less stressful and more enjoyable as a result.

  48. Nobody wants to be behind enemy lines but so far all gun owners are doing is retreating. That is a losing tactic and we are quickly running out of places to retreat to so what do you do when there is no where left to retreat to?

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  49. Precisely. So many gun owners are acting like a bunch of entitled snowflakes right now. Their party loses an election and they act like it's the apocalypse.

    Dems have had power before and they'll have power again. Now is the time to hunker down and make plans to reassert the political control that gun owners have asserted so many times before.